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In the past, you might have learned some ways to earn more money. I am sure that you would be continuing on this line. At the same time, let us overturn things and see some more ways to make more money. If you have managed to save some money, now is the time to put them to work because money is power and it is made to flow and to multiply.

It does not really matter where you are, whether you are from Mumbai, whether you are in Chennai, or that you have not had opportunities, or have met so often with opportunities, ways to make more money have always existed. But you have not always been ready to say ‘yes’. Of course, the reasons are less important now. So, I suggest that you self-assess and see where you are now.

You should also determine where you want to go, and then move on to action in that direction. The possibilities that exist are countless. All you need to keep in mind is that ‘you can make wealth and the money will not cease to appear’, and if you think that ‘money is needed to make money’, well in very few cases it is so. Let us explore it and apply it.

If you are an employee and a monthly salary is your only source of income, I think that in your turn you thought about earning a higher salary than you are now earning. If you have not thought of it, it means you have a serious problem. You may be restricted, or you do not want more for yourself and your loved ones, or you have no purpose in life.

I did not intend to be interesting, as I am not nice in counseling. How is your current job, whether it gives you a good salary for the effort put in, whether you have possibilities for progress, whether it is safe and whether the atmosphere is good are all questions or some aspects to which only you have the answers. I meet many people unhappy with the current job situation.

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  1. Gil Camporazo
    Gil Camporazo

    I have a secured job and I have already retired from job and receiving a monthly pension but yet I do some work online to earn or augment my money.