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AR (Augmented Reality) can be used to enhance the user’s experience to enjoy different platforms. One of these is Google Playground but there are some things you should know before you start to use it. Here is how to use Google Playground to its maximum potential.

Google Playground allows you to create and play in the real world with fun and imagination.

Superheroes and stickers give context to the scenarios that you’ll be in. Playmoji allows different characters to interact with each other and it also allows you to use your selfies for the same effect as well. Real-time suggestions are also made to enhance the value of your experience with Google Playground. Playmobil is available on LG, Pixel, Motorola and of course Google phones as well. The list of devices that are compatible with Google Playground is expanding all the time. Such characters as Jigglypuff, Mr. Mime, Detective Pikachu, and Charizard are available.

As mentioned on one of the chief attractions of Google Playground are the stickers. By leaving the video play button on you can get different characters to interact with each other. The first step is to install ARCore which is necessary to use AR stickers. This can be accessed from the Google Play store for free. A variety of stickers are available and these include Marvel Studios Avengers, Pets, Signs, Sports, Stranger Things, The Last Jedi, Travel, and of course Weather. So there is plenty of variety and lots of enjoyment to be had by everyone. It even includes floating text on characters and the characters also have the ability to become animated thanks to Gboard.

There are three things that ARCore does that allow it to function. The first is its ability to track motion. Using Internal sensors and its camera, it can place objects with amazing accuracy. Secondly, it uses ambient lighting conditions to full effect. It can also detect plane surfaces which are then exploited to full effect. What used to take hours to set up now only takes a few seconds. It is important to remember that 32-bit phones are not supported so make sure that your phone has at least 64 bits. Android 9 + uses Playground while previous versions used ARCore. Google Playground is constantly updating so always check to see what you can and cannot do.

There is even an AI component that is always observing, learning, and optimizing the user experience. If you change your facial expression it will react to it. It does this by making real-time recommendations to the user who can apply additional features if they choose to do so and as well as real-time adjustments. The characters are easy to reach because they’re stored at the bottom of the page. It’s best to check all of this in the Play Store before downloading it. 

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Whatever you choose to download it is important to know just what Google Playground is capable of. Judging by the release of the latest Avengers film last year it can get plenty of people excited by releasing characters in a co-operative venture with Marvel. Such cross ventures should be expected the norm in the future and will excite movie fans to make Google Playground a part of their lives. This app will quickly plastic play figures which have been a hallmark of every child’s bedroom for the last 50 years. Whatever the future holds in store, the idea of playing with virtual characters as a normal part of life has already arrived. Further enhancements could see audio interactions and special effects take place in the video setting. Such is the world we live in today.

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