Use Lemons as a Detox

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Summer is generally tempting to consume more alcohol when you want to freshen up in the evening after a hot day. As well as the ubiquitous barbecue, which many of us indulge in. This makes the body very clogged. It is then important to give it a few days of rest so that it can regenerate and gain strength. 

How to do it and why do lemons play a major role during cleansing? Lemons and juice can work wonders from you. They serve as a seasoning in the kitchen, in combination with baking soda, and they perfectly clean burnt pans and place them in the refrigerator to get rid of unpleasant odors. And it works just as well to detoxify the body, at least according to some experts.

Not everyone can do it:

Detoxification consists of a ten-day program, which is actually quite simple, albeit very drastic. It starts every morning by drinking one liter of lukewarm water containing two teaspoons of salt, after which it is emptied. During the whole day, nothing is eaten at all, and the diet is replaced by lemonade.

Risk: You can feel tired and lethargic within ten days, so it is desirable not to plan anything for the time of cleansing. Ideally, take a vacation at work so you can relax. It is also important to return to a normal diet. It should be gradual and in the first few days, mainly vegetables and fruits should be consumed.

Doctors have mixed feelings:

Experts and doctors are still debating how beneficial this lemonade diet, is. Some claim that it cleanses the body of many toxins, gets rid of germs, and restarts. Others believe that the body is too weak to cleanse. 

The diet is definitely not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, for diabetics and people suffering from any diseases. It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor before starting it.

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