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The Heart Analyzer app is a  very useful addition to our society because it saves lives. There are many modes in these apps and one of the most useful is Dark Mode. Here is how to turn on Dark Mode in the Heart Analyzer app.

The 8th version has just been released and it contains yet more features. Of course, Dark Mode is part of the setup but how do you turn on this feature? This can be done by going to the control center from the home page, which is located on the top-right if your phone is the iPhone X or newer. Remember to swipe down to access the control center. For models that are older such as the iPhone 8, you should swipe up. The next step is to press and also hold on the brightness slider which should appear after you’ve entered this page. At the bottom left of the page, there will be an option named Appearance which you can manipulate between light and dark modes as you wish.

If you want to do so you can add your very own customized setting to help change the app to Dark Mode. You can enable this by going to settings>control center> customize controls. The good thing about doing it this way is that you’ll be able to control just how quickly you want Dark Mode to take effect. Such an option will be effective only if you have the skills to implement the changes that you want.

Perhaps a more traditional method of making changes is to go to Settings. There’ll be an option called Display and Brightness and after tapping on this option you can either select Light or Dark. For those looking for an automatic option which is located in a toggle option window below the Display and Brightness option. You can then select the time when it turns to Dark Mode by selecting sunrise or sunset or a dedicated time of our choosing.

There are many other great features that come included in the Heart Analyzer app. It shows historical performance charts that show trends in your heart’s condition and a summation of the day’s performance that has just passed. None of the data will be transmitted to third parties which could be disadvantageous to your insurance policies.

Heart Analyzer is a tool that is a complement to other medical services and it should not rely on 100% as the source of all valid information. It is there to help guide you throughout your life but indulging in behavior that increases the risk of a heart attack won’t be picked up immediately by the app. Sometimes it takes some time for evidence of such behavior to show up and it is always best to follow the best health practices at all times.

Using your Heart Analyzer in a constructive manner is what the app was designed to do in the first place. By setting a goal worth achieving and altering your diet and exercising more you can monitor your progress through an app that will track your performance. For example, if you decide to get your heart rate down to 50 beats per minute then this app will show a chart showing the progress you’ve made on a daily basis. Such charts keep you motivated and will focus your attention on striving for the goal that you’ve set for yourself and will no doubt succeed in doing so.

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More upgrades should be coming next year. The Heart Analyzer app has attracted the interest of the medical community as an aid and it’ll be interesting to see how far this will go. But ultimately there is no substitute for a good diet and hard exercise.

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