Troubleshooting Microsoft Surface Earbuds

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Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds are a great addition to your listening experience but when you have trouble with them what are you going to do? There are a number of solutions that you can implement that will help you. Here are some great ways to troubleshoot Microsoft Surface Earbuds.

There have been some recent complaints that the earphones create a hissing noise for approximately 2-3 seconds. Microsoft suggests ‘’updating’’ the device but perhaps a better solution would be to rest the earbuds. This is not in line with what Microsoft has said about the issue because they haven’t commented on the issue so far. Nor is it what has been said by the Surface Earbud users on the official forum.

The sound has been described as white noise hissing and it appears when an audio event is about to start. There are also reports the sound is also accompanied by a popping noise as well. This could be due to a badly calibrated amplifier that is contained within the earbuds itself. This is a common issue associated with wireless earphones at this stage because it is still a relatively new technology. The Galaxy Buds Plus faced a similar challenge and so did the Apple AirPod.

With a cost of $249.99 USD users should be able to expect top quality audio sounds from the Surface Earbuds all the time. Within the app that comes with the device, there is a screen that allows you to customize the sound quality by adjusting the EQ levels. This should allow the user to adjust the sound quality but what about the other issues faced by this new release.

Another issue that might arise is that it might give you instructions randomly when it is not even in your ear. This is weird and annoying but it might be fixed in a later version when the technology has improved. There isn’t a voice control feature as well at this time. At the moment we’re undergoing a revolution with listening devices and in the rush to release a competitive device Microsoft has released the Surface Earbuds that are good enough for a first-generation device.

Canceling out the hissing device might be a considerable task at this point. It might actually be wise to wait for an updated version to appear on the market in the near future because recalibrating the device takes considerable expertise. Or you could simply reset the Surface Earbuds and hope that the noise issue somehow goes away. In order to reset the device, you should press the power button. This should be done for a total of 20 seconds until you receive the signal that they’ve been reset to the factory default settings. 

It might be an option to just ignore the issue altogether. Having a new technology always entails engaging in another set of problems and it is entirely possible that these will be fixed at a later date. A technical side note is that the right earbud receives the audio while the left earbud is just transmitting what the right earbud has just received. This doesn’t produce any other issues but it should be remembered that taking phone calls drains the battery a lot quicker than it does when playing your audio files. There is also no indicating light of how much battery life you have left so you’ll have to look up the app to check how much longer you can keep the Microsoft Surface Earbuds in your ears. With the other features that come with this device making it an attractive option, it might be good for you to conduct your own research before deciding to purchase the Microsoft Surface Earbud device.

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