The True Reason For the “Dark Ages”, And The Future Destruction of All That We Know

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The chivalric romance poems and odes sang in the halls of midievil royal Courts at Feasts in Europe, thanks to Hollywood; invokes a particular vision in our minds. Of strange music and people practically savage, dancing around in firelight and flutes; never ONCE hinting to what these songs and poems actually recorded in prose and lyrical forms. HISTORY, my dear…they were recording and retelling the history of the people’s they lived among, and the memories of ages hence past.
Back throughout history, things were kept in historical record in various ways throughout the world. Some in baked clay tablets, some in scrolls of papyrus or bamboo; some in pictorial or image form, some only oral. In pre-1st millennial AD Britain and Scotland, all history was kept and transmitted through long poems and songs called epics and bards. The most cohesive of such record keeping of the English people, for Thousands of Years, all over the ancient world, by the WELSH, of Southern Britain (commonly, as Wales).
The history of the Welsh people is not the same as the entirety of England, and it seems at some convenient point in history the origins of the Welsh and their independent alphabet (known as Calbren), they’re very history and this alphabet’s existence was wiped from the books all over the world. As in pre-1920’s, even in Wales and to the very Welsh children, the records and alphabet of the Welsh people are no longer told in classical institutions whatsoever.
What occurred, was at some point before the turn of the 20th century, it was decided amongst people of academic credentials that Troy, the city of legend and HISTORY, was a MYTH. If it was a myth, then any people to have recorded the history of migrating from there had to be a forgery. Even after the discovery by an archeologist named Heinrich Schliemann of the REAL ruins of the City of Troy; the academia never corrected their mistake and the institution of reestablishing the Welsh history of early England. And other places migrated to and left remnants of their passing, in no other than their alphabet: the Calbren had to be forgeries as well, no matter how authentic the inscription. It wasn’t until the mid 70’s, when a weekend warrior (Alan Wilson) and a friend, doing some independent research changed everything. At least for me, since it unlocked information that the supposed “higher ups” have known for years and years.
Humanity, as stated by Michael Tellinger, is a species with amnesia. Without being TOLD, for the most part, humanity has NO IDEA who they are, or where they came from. All the people of America are taught about the medieval period and the discovery of America and the people that dwelled in the very places we now live. About Christopher Columbus, and Native Americans( in the most general of terms), crossing a Russian-American land bridge that was used by migrating groups and clans of people, who then populated all of South and North America. The medieval renaissance is alluded to being the “enlightenment” of these “Dark Ages”, but little if none is ever taught to students as to their true nature. Nowhere in history, nor taught in any school, do they make mention of what and why the “Dark Ages” were and what caused them.
In historical recall, by an antiquity bard known as Myrddin (Merlin) Taliesin (High Intellect), and in explicit detail; sang of in epic poetry the history of not only the Welsh people of southern Britain, but of the living monarchy as well. Key to his memory, sang and recited for hundreds of years, is the telling of the true King Arthur(s!), son of Uther Pendragonand King Myrie , and brother to Prince Madoc.
In and/or around the 6th century (562 A.D.) the 2nd King Arthur and the entirety of his army travels to what is now known as Normandy (France) to wait the coming cataclysm NEVER SPOKEN OF IN OUR PRESENT LEARNING INSTITUTIONS at ANY point without deep inquiry. A Comet, probably the size of a volkswagon bug, smashed into England in the vicinity of Southern Wales. The destruction caused by this comet left the country a desolate wasteland where nothing grew nor lived for nearly 11 years. This same desolate wasteland traveled through by the Knight guilds of the Crusades. King Arthur had taken the army with the fear he would have to fight his way back into his kingdom once life was sustainable again on the island. King Arthur’s brother, Prince Madoc, had been at sea when the comet hit Britain. The tsunami caused by the impact threw Madoc severely off his the normal course, leaving him somewhere at sea that he did not recognize by the stars overhead, and came upon a vast “Other World” not spoken of being there in any map or told by any explorer Madoc had ever heard, nor seen. For a few years, close to the 11 that Arthur dwelled in Normandy; Madoc lived and explored this “Western Land” before returning to Britain to tell of his findings.
Taliesin speaks in the history of the question/answer dialect sequence between Madoc and his brother, and his surrounding Court affiliates. This line of questions eventually lead to the planned journey to explore this foreign land across the great Sea; hundreds of thousands of men, in 700 ships, Prince Madoc, King Arthur, and Taliesin himself accompanied across the great sea to the Western Lands. It was recorded here in history how King Arthur had lived and was assassinated by a naked savage’s bow and arrow. In detail, he sings how they whither-mummified King Arthur, and wrapped him in 3 deerskins, and dawned him his golden armor and sword. Then with seven other men as voyage bearers, set forth down the Ohio River back to the ocean, then back across the Atlantic Sea to the mouth of a river in South Wales; then up river to be confirmed by Arthur’s family as to his true passing.
In these bards are also sung of the visiting explorers building burial mounds, many of which are still in existence in America to this day. Better proof as to the migration and exploration of America by the Welsh people far before the arrival of Christopher Columbus is the record and history of the blond-haired, Welsh-speaking Mandan Indians, who said their genealogy came from the royalty of Wales. Artifacts ABOUND validating these “stories” song by the bards of Courts and times past. The rites and traditions of Madoc, different traditions that have been kept since the 6th century on both sides of the Atlantic, are inescapable proof that not only had America been visited far before the explorations in the 16th and 17th centuries, but that AMERICA may in deed be the supposed mythical “Western Lands” continually refered to throughout recorded history. All this kept in song and poem, written down in the end by monks, and later told as simple stories of historical figures, not facts.
The “Dark Ages”- dark from the dust kicked up into the atmosphere by the impact, and circled the globe like the ash ejected in a volcanic eruption. Famine, disease, the starting of the Plague- all had began when that comet hit Southern Wales in 652 A.D.
The most terrifying of this disinformation spread across the globe, was what I happened across in a 4 hour lecture about the true King Arthurs and his existence in Kentucky; when the speakers happened to say that not only did the King KNOW that Britain was going to get the impact, but it was calculated in the 6th century that the asteroid that dropped the comet off into the fields of southern Wales was to return again. The lecturer said the year, 2029, and my stomach hit the floor. The publication of this lecture said it was put out in 2008, but in the description the actual date of the lecture was listed: 1992.
My research (the little that was able to be confirmed, and then collaborated) about the supposed asteroid passing and chance impact 7 years afterward, I had begun in late 2008; when I came across an interview/discussion with my favorite astronomer at the time, Neil Tyson Degrassi (head of the Hayden Planetarium and Observatory at the time), on Fora.tv. There is a short version of this same talk, about 7 to 8 minutes in length on YouTube, where Degrassi speaks of the finding (supposedly in 2004) of an asteroid who’s trajectory was to cross with that of Earth’s. It is the size of the Rosebowl in California, and it will pass so close to our orbit, as to be lower then our orbiting communications satelites. If it stays on the same course, and passes through what he claims to be a 600 kilometer “keyhole”, astonomers claim it WILL hit the Earth, 40 miles off the coast of Santa Monica California. It’s name, you might ask? Apophis…after the Egyptian God of Death and Darkness.
Here’s where it get’s painful to be human, ladies and gentlemen; because we haven’t only believed the lies of our history they’ve spoon fed us. As a society (for the most part) we as humans have sat in front of our T.V.’s (especially Americans) and waited patiently for one of the painted people on the hum-box to tell us when something important was happening. They trained us to do so, embedded even in the weekly tests of the Emergency Broadcast Systems. So we’ve waited, and waited; thinking nothing important was coming or happening because no one on the box was saying so. In the mean time, we allowed various men of questionable intent and moral ilk to run our nation, and lead our world, into a nuclear waste dump of proportions to this day we are still unaware of at large. How much nuclear waste has been disposed of in/on this Earth, and who’s idea was nuclear power ANYWAY- with no feasible nor natural way to dispose of nor destroy it’s waste, and it’s toxic side effects inescapable for the future generations of life on Earth (thanks in particular to Fukishima and other such nuclear power meltdown points across the globe)? The people we’ve allowed to remain in charge have never had any intentions of cleaning or repairing ANYTHING, for they NEVER FELT WE HAD A CHANCE. The ruling elite have known SINCE THE 6TH CENTURY if not BEFORE, about the coming cataclysm in 2029, and even went as far as to make and promote across the world ARMAGEDDON, the movie of our potential future, with the happy ending not in the statistical average of potential endings to happen for US. Even the Fifth Element (coincidentally another Bruce Willis movie, in which he plays planetary hero) has in it’s plot the future existence of life on Earth in the hands of the supposed “future government” who stand helpless against the threat of an evil planetary body in space WARP SPEED on a trajectory course to destroy our pale blue dot. No Earthly weapon could destroy it, and nothing on Earth besides LOVE had the power to activate the Fifth Element- the only existence known in the galaxy created to stop it.
We have no Fifth Element, ladies and gentlemen. There’s no oil drillers volunteering to go deep in space and drill to blast apart what potentially could annialate our world as we know it. At this point, all our planetary issues, solar system occurances, and most of all, the unconscious feeling of impending DOOM so many of us fight everyday- just think of the MILLIONS of prescription meds prescribed daily to everyone harboring these same feelings of dread and doom, but are told to ignore it. Perhaps THIS is why the people in power have no problem poisoning the air, the water, the ground-BECAUSE THEY’VE KNOWN SINCE THE 6TH CENTURY THAT APOPHIS IS COMING and most likely will wipe out 3/4ths of the Human Race, not to mention millions of animals and insects in our 6th Planetary Extinction.
April 13, 2029 we will see it kiss our atmosphere- 7 years to the DAY later (April 13, 2036) it WILL hit the Earth, anywhere from off the coast of Malibu California, to the east coast of the U.S.A.- the scientists have no idea exactly WHERE, if it does, nor is there ANY clarifying information regarding this topic ANYWHERE on the mainstream internet, that I could find just prior to me writing this article. People, we cannot expect anyone to tell us when sh** get’s real- when something is important or wrong enough for all of us to know and be concerned about. Because the people in charge of countries and in control of ALL MEDIA OUTLETS to the public (mainstream media outlets, that is), EVERYTHING WE SEE IS CHOSEN TO SHOW US not for it’s actual importance in the lives of humanity, or even society; but shown to us as distractions from WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT. Think of all the conspiracy theorists that were laughed at, along with the “doomsday preppers” and anyone that stood against the hypnotized zombification of the masses. You’d think that if people of authority KNEW about this thing for so long, why not try to get the world together and figure out a way to stop it? Instead, they pretend there’s nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to fear thus nothing to say– that it’s ALL IN OUR HEADS and here, try this pill, it helps for that.
What ELSE has been lied about or misled to us from history? How old is mankind, for FACT, upon this planet? Did we walk with dinosaurs? Unless we independently get up and search and research for the TRUTH, of where and what we came from, how can we believe we know ANYTHING about the “reality” with which we are presented? How can anyone comfortably speak of a future, when it’s so evident that we know NOTHING of the true origins of who we are and where we have come and why, in the distant and not so distant past? In less then 13 years, Apophis will be on our heads, casting a shadow across the globe that will frighten millions, if not billions, into the paniced hoards the greedy in charge plan for us to become. So they can come out with guns drawn screaming that they come in peace, to stop resisting, and pop-pop-pop, we all fall down. I cannot speak of the FEMA camps, nor whether or not the underground cities having been built by governments and the rich, or whether they will be open to the public at large. I believe “They” (as in the 1% thinking they have the world in their pocket) are banking on the annialation of over half of the life on this planet, and that includes the majority of US, whom they say are “just people”…expendable commodities…unimportant stock (like cattle). What did you expect them to think of us?
We were made and programmed to CONSUME, and until this moment, consuming may have been all that you had done; but THIS MOMENT NOW, now that you KNOW you have less then 13 years to get READY for something close to hell on earth- ARMAGEDDON FOR REAL- what will you do now? Consumerism has no place in a world of survival, for those that consume take more then their share, and leave nothing but waste in their wake. Perhaps we all should be thankful that more then half of the CONSUMERS will be wiped clear- for in the coming face of a new era, what can they do but sit and wait for someone else to tell them what to do? No longer can any of us sit idly by, waiting for ANYTHING NOR ANYONE to come and save us from ourselves. My heart is with you all- know you are not alone in the terror we all now face together. Ronald Reagan once said he feared the only way to bring our world together as one kind would be if we were facing an external enemy of planetary proportions, that threatened the lives of every man, woman, and child that lives, and breathes on planet Earth.
At 1 hour, 18 minutes and 30 seconds into the lecture about King Arthur and Prince Madoc, the late Jim Michael says, “…They knew that this comet was coming back…2029…that it could wipe out the continent.” Again, he said this in 1992, 12 years before the supposed finding of Apophis in 2004, and it’s then public announcement beginning in 2008. THEY, WHO EVER THEY ARE, those that sit faceless above the masses that await in programmed terror; They’ve known since at minimum 652 A.D. that Apophis would return and Darken the world again. In Britain, Apophis is the English Dragon in the Sky, and I have a few hunches that the Dragon spoken of in Revelations 12, just as the lady crowned with 12 stars and travailing in birth was a constellation in transit with a planetary motion- so too may the Dragon be the prophecy of Apophis, and it’s falling from heaven to be the coming impact with our pale blue dot; the only home humanity has ever known.

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