The Five Elements – A Card Game

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Introduction: ‘THE FIVE ELEMENTS’ is a card which can be made at home with very less time with only three materials. This game can be played by two to five players.

MATERIALS REQUIRED: To make this game we need only three materials. They are as follows:
1. A Cardboard sheet: It is required to make thick cards.
2. Scissors: It is required to cut the cardboard sheet.
3. Pen: It is required to write on a cardboard sheet.

Procedure to make this card game.

Cut the cardboard sheet into sixteen equal parts with the help of the scissors. They are the cards. There are three types of cards. First is the element cards, second is the attack cards and third is dice cards.

How to make element cards?
To make element cards take five cards. The five elements are air, water, sky, fire, and earth. Write the name of one element on one card. The element cards are ready now.
How to make attack cards?
To make attack cards take the other five cards. Write on the cards as follows:
Attack on air, attack on water, attack on the sky, attack on the fire, and attack on earth respectively on each card. The attack cards are now ready.

How to make dice cards?
To make dice cards take six cards. Write the numbers from one to six. Each card must contain a single number. The dice cards are now ready.

How to play?
The first player should start the game. At first, each player picks up one element card. Next, the first player should pick up an attack card. For example, player one gets an attack on a fire card. Let us imagine that the fire element card is with player three. The player should pick up a dice card, who will get the maximum number, he gets that card. This rule is followed by all players. Every player should play one after the other. All the players must play like this.
Suppose, the game is played by two players and the player the attack on fire card. The fire card is not taken by anyone yet, then the fire element card is given to the player, who has taken the attack on the fire card. The same rules follow to all cards.
The player who gets all the elements card will win the game.
Sounds simple game right. Now make this card game and start playing.
This game created by me (BHARGAV M).

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  1. Devika Primic
    Devika Primic

    This idea for a card game sounds fun and easy to create.