Start a website without spending a dime

Welcome to this article about how to create “Your website without spending a dime”. When I say your own, means that your website address would not be like:

At this point, before you continue any further, I shall lay a disclaimer here that this method is more useful for people who are foraying into the digital world for the first time and just want to get a hang of how their first website would be like. This method can also be used for school/college students for making a project and showcase their skills.

However, if you have a long term outlook or are starting with bringing your business online where you will need consistent uptime of your website, then you may go for a paid domain and web hosting from reputed companies like GoDaddy or Hostgator etc.

This doesn’t mean that the method I am going to tell you is unworthy of your efforts.

Do you still wish to continue?? Then read on!

Now whatever be your motive for creating your website, it takes 4 steps to get there.

  1. Choose a domain name probably which encapsulates your brand you wish to build or what you do.
  2. Check for domain availability and get web hosting for your website
  3. Use any content management system like WordPress / Weebly / Wix
  4. Edit content and publish it for the world to see.

If you are confused about what domain and web hosting means; then check this picture below for an example:

A domain name would serve as an address through which visitors would be able to reach you. This address is as obvious, should be unique to you.

Web Hosting would be the place where all your content and files will be stored by the server and will be shown when a visitor tries to access your website.

Don’t worry, you will get familiar with all this mumbo jumbo as and when you get started with your digital journey.


To choose a domain, go to a website named:

Click on the “Services” tab at the top and choose “Register a New Domain”

Now, this website provides you with domain names such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq which very well works like other popular domain like .com or .net. However, as with free things in life, it comes with certain limitations which you can read here:


Choose your preferred domain name which is available and complete your free purchase. Now for web hosting, go to a website named:

There are several free web hosting providers with different offerings. I have covered about the same in this post. (embed the link to the other article)

Create a free account and choose “Free Web Hosting”. Complete the process and you are done with it. After you have purchased web hosting for free, look for a confirmation mail in your Email. Now to interlink your domain name with the hosting, you need to change the name servers of your domain with the one given by


Now that the domain knows where to go for the content in your website, you need a software through which you can control and manage your content to be displayed.

As I told you initially, there are several options available; however, I would recommend choosing WordPress which is free and powers approximately 30% of all the websites available on the internet today. It has several tools and features which are constantly updated.

Since it is an open-source program, developers all over the world keep on adding more functionality to it.

To install WordPress, login to your CPanel by clicking on the link in the mail sent by your hosting provider. The password would also be in the same mail which you can change anytime you wish to.

After login to CPanel, look for the “WordPress” icon under “Apps Installer” category and click on the same. It will ask for some basic information and then install WordPress to your site.

Now, try visiting your website through the browser. You will see a basic layout with pre-written code under it.

That’s it. Congratulations on making your website by yourself and that too for free!


The best part about making a website is to throw in the content you wish to show to the world. However, since this is also a step which needs explanation in detail, I will cover it in the next article

Let me know by putting in your comments below about whether you found this article helpful in your quest into your digital journey.

Even if you did not, comment in the section below and help me in improving as I move forward.

See you on the other page!

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    What advice do you have for someone just starting out? I found this review, the million dollar funnel sounds too good to be true. I don’t know how to tell if it’s a scam or not.