Revive old blog posts by combining multiple posts

Are your old blog posts are dead? Are you thinking of removing those posts? Wait don’t do anything on your old posts before reading this article about merging blog posts.

Today I am sharing you a valuable post about bringing back life to your underperforming blog posts. Old blog posts in Blogger, WordPress or any other blog site can do wonders once you have put the correct strategies to help search engines.

You may have a bunch of quality content or helpful content that may have little visitors or very few visitors when compared to the past. Before moving these contents to bin or ignoring those contents one should think about the reason why those articles have lost their position in search rankings. Here is the importance of this discussion starts.

We are going to combine those contents (assuming contents are of the same topics or parts of a topic). We will discuss When Why and How to combine posts in your blog.

When to combine your blog posts

  1. If your posts are getting too little traffic
  2. If your posts lost search ranking positions
  3. If your post with helpful content not performing at all
  4. If blog posts with simply huge content outrank your posts

Why you should combine your old posts

If your older post’s pageviews have declined drastically then it must be facing a thin content issue or other competitor posts have been improved with longer posts than you have. So you have to update your content and republish those articles with more content. But every time this may not work as Google will pick only one post among several contents of the same keyword phrase you are competing into.

For example suppose you have posts like ‘Different types of green apples’, ‘Advantages of green apples’, ‘Disadvantages of green apples’, ‘Medicinal uses of green apples’ etc. Then Google may rank only the title ‘Different types of green apples’ for every query related to green apples.

For this same reason if you have ten or more competing websites that have a much longer article with images on the keyword related to green apples then your post will have only less chance to show up on Google’s first page. And all your cute little posts will be buried along with the most ranking post even if they possess relevant quality content that can be helpful for readers.

This is also an example of how a bad post with a lot of words in it can outrank precise and helpful content. But we cannot blame search engines for this matter and no use at all too. So what a blogger should do is all about making understand the search bots how good is your work. For this, we must add strategies to outrank the webpages competing on the keywords we are targeting into.

What all contents should be combined

You can combine all those posts in the same niche or related to the main keyword. You can’t combine contents under different tags to get things worked. For example posts with titles ‘need of a self-hosted WordPress’, ‘why custom domain on a Blogger’, ‘WordPress or Blogger’ and ‘self-hosted blog vs free hosted blogging’ etc can be combined to a new post with a title ‘All about blogging platforms and starting a blog’. On the other hand, it is not advisable to combine posts like ‘Choosing a hosting for a blog’ with ‘Making money on the blog’ even if both are related to the blog.

How to combine blog posts successfully

After talking about what all posts to combine and why to combine contents we are now going to make it into action.

Combining posts is just not copying all contents to a new post or any one of the old posts. We have to replenish the content to meet the requirements of quality helpful content. We are writing for a reader and not for the search engines.

Here are the few simple steps to combine and revive old posts:

  • Choose any post to keep as the new post or create a new post with a refreshed title
  • Copy all contents from the old posts to the newly updated article
  • Format and order all post contents to make easily digestible for a reader of the content
  • Use proper titles including heading tags H1, H2, H3, H4, etc wherever applicable
  • Edit or update each part with up to the date pieces of information
  • Add something as an introduction and conclusion
  • Spice up with relevant and attractive images
  • Sprinkle your keyword through your new post. Don’t try to stuff keywords
  • Have an eye on meta description, permalink, etc as usual
  • Finally, you need to redirect all child posts to the new or main post

Redirecting child posts to the parent post

You can combine and redirect posts to a newly made post on another website or an existing post on the same blog. You can do a permanent 301 redirect or a temporary redirect. Both work well on this matter.

If you are redirecting posts from WordPress you can try a permanent redirect easily with the use of a redirect plugin. Here is a redirect plugin you can make use of

If your blog is in any other platform which cannot perform a redirect without adding codes here is a simple method. Delete all contents from the old posts and add a link to the new post with a notice like “this page has been updated and moved to a new page” + “new page title”.

If posts are in blogger and you want to move all posts to a new target you can use a notice with a link on the custom 404 page setting on blogger settings.

Once you have done all these things to your unique and helpful content then your post will start ranking on above all those competitors within a few days. Try promoting your posts through Q&A sites like Quora and Answeree in the meantime as it is a new trend of getting relevant backlinks and setting authority signals.

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