Perception is Belief

There’s the old saying that “Seeing is believing”.But what do we see? Do we see what we only want to see or just what we are told to see? How many of us actually bother to fully investigate the facts before coming to a rational, reasoned conclusion?

Sometimes mass hysteria can overcome people and lead them to an irrational conclusion.there was of course the Salem Witch trials about 300 years ago which took place in what is now the U.S.A.In my home country of Australia the Lindy Chamberlain case lead to a wrongful conviction of murder when the defendant wasn’t believed that a “dingo took my baby”.It was later shown that a dingo{a dog that is native to Australia} is fully capable of killing and taking away a baby. The jury and a great deal of the public at the time believed that Chamberlain was a cold-hearted killer who disposed of the body even though she had only 11 minutes by herself to do so.

It is often easier to go with the flow and go with what the majority think. Or maybe they don’t think much at all? When people are not allowed to contest a core truth, lies become the order of the day. That in itself gains a certain momentum. It becomes sacred-to attack this core truth becomes heresy or blasphemous. Our minds can become blinkered and then we see only what we want to see. In order to gain the essential truth of a situation, we must follow certain criteria.

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Facts must have a context. Quotes must have a comparison. Statistics must have a comparison.

Who, when,where, what, how, and why is essential to put things in perspective. That way we can believe what we perceive!

Have you been in a situation where you were asked to believe in something that wasn’t true?

Nick Hanlon

I'm an Aussie interested in topical issues.

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