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Nature needs to be handled with kid gloves.  It feels pain when it is totally neglected and that is the trend these days.

More and more concrete jungles are replacing forests displacing its flora and fauna.

Individuals can play a role however small to make up for what these concrete jungles have destroyed. Just a potted plant can add to the greenery especially where individuals have no land to grow.

Where there is absolutely no scope one can adopt trees planted by the government and help nurture them.

Youngsters do leave their shores seeking greener pastures.  In this case, those greener pastures are not natural but seeking opportunities for survival.  When that is done back home there is no one to till the land and that gets totally neglected. While this situation cannot be changed they could return after retirment and spend time with nature and bring life to what hitherto was neglected.

Sadly today’s generation is not attracted to nature whatever be the reason.  But this can be taken care of if parents and teachers inculcate in them the value of nature. Organizing trips to parks and forests and spending time there this to some extent can play a role.

All these projects at a global level with regard to global warming will yield  results if individuals play their role  It is the mega role of an individual can alone help them see their projects through. It will not be wrong to assume that beause of neglect nature is behaving the way it does.  Those wildfires in Australia and elsewhere is a fine example

Let us rally round and do our bit. I am doing. Are you?


  • Grow more trees
  • Concentrate more on greenery that is lasting and easy to maintain
  • Use methods for water conservation
  • Use kitchen waste to produce compost
  • Use garden waste to produce compost – do not burn
  • Grow your own vegetables and fruits


  • Be kind to animals
  • Adopt stray dogs and cats

Technology is a good thing but there is a limit on how far one goes.  Natural resources need to be preserved and it is believed much of it is used towards technology  This craving for upgrading no matter how useless those upgrades are needed to be curbed.

There is a need for a total change in the mindset which today is in the direction of artificial life.

Getting closer to nature is the only way one can retain one’s sanity.  Looking at the number of patients who are suffering from depression is an indication that all is not well.

The emphasis is on how an individual behaves as it is the individual who can make or mar the environment and nature. No amount of rules and regulations will have any positive effect if individuals disregard them.

Looking at what nature is up to in the world – earthquakes, storms, tornados, hurricanes, wildfires, and last but not least diseases that have no name are warning signals.


Writing is a habit with me. I have been writing ever since I learnt my alphabet. I hope to do justice here as well. Mine is a multi-faceted personality.

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  1. Devika Primic
    Devika Primic

    Nature is incredible giving us pleasures and new experiences