When I was six years old, my father would always say;

“Easy child, knives are sharp, don’t hurt yourself. It is a good thing you are fond of mirrors for they hold many truths, secrets and answers.”

I never understood this and when I’d ask, he’d say “it’s a prophecy”. Many years after he passed, I still pondered.

Yesterday, I visited my old town for the first time in ten years. There I was standing in my old home. Everything smelled of nostalgia and mixed feelings.

I went looking through father’s room for no apparent reason. In there, the air was mist and the floors creaked at my every step.
I opened my my father’s closet. I could see his favorite red shirt. Sliding the clothes apart, I noticed a hidden mirror. I never knew this while growing up.

Curiosity grip me and I moved all the clothing to reveal the entire mirror. Now I was standing full view but nothing in my twenty eight years of existence prepared for the image right in front of me.

There I was in the mirror of course. I wasn’t moving but this image of mine had it’s head down. Slowly it rose with a wicked grin. It had a knife in it’s hand. It looked straight into my eyes and stabbed itself as it laughed hysterically.

Looking down at myself, I was bleeding profusely from my stomach down to my feet. What just happened?

My feet could no longer hold me and I lay in a pool of my own blood. Just before I shut my eyes forever, I heard a voice, my father!

“Now the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

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