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Maximizing Instagram followers can be quite challenging. This can be a complex process and here are 10 steps to accomplish this goal. By increasing your following on Instagram you can have a direct impact on your life and your wealth. Instagram is also an excellent way of increasing business by alerting thousands of people that your business exists and what value it represents to them. It is the trending platform for social media in this current era and its power is not to be underestimated. Facebook looks dated compared to Instagram and it is easy to understand why this trend exists to such a massive extent.

Take some time to study these methods as they can help you a lot and by implementing them you’re sure to see steady improvement which will require some patience. It might take some time but the thing is to believe in these methods as they have worked in the past and will continue in the future. The future belongs to you. These are just some ideas that are worthy of your attention and there are many more that are worth trying if you have the time and the budget to do so. A key factor is patience; it takes a few months to build a decent following so always retain this perspective and always believe that you can do it because other people have done it before you as well.

The first step is to improve your biography. Make it so that it instantly grabs the attention of all those who read it and will introduce you to Instagram users as someone who is interesting and is worth following. What do I mean by that?

1. You have to present yourself as someone who is able to add value to the life of those who will want to follow you once they’ve read your biography. There must be an emotional connection that gets people excited about you and your story that is compelling enough for them to follow. Don’t be just someone. Be a person that is interested in fashion, humor, looks, quotes, and anything else that can take the attention of your typical Instagram user. This will require strong research. Tell your story. We all have a story and you can make it relatable by sharing something that you have in common with them but it could be poignant or incisive but most of all it must add value to those who read it. It is this key factor that will make you a success on Instagram.

2. You should be your own person or have your own ‘’brand’’. This is absolutely vital if you want to stake your claim on this platform. Be original and above all be yourself. Instagram is powered by personalities that capture the imagination of others so don’t copy others otherwise you’ll fail. Instagram has a business model that works so there is no point changing it. Play to its strength but learn from the best. Take time to research the most successful people and learn what they do and how they do it. Take notes and incorporate their best points into your approach. Above all, you’ll learn that being seen as easygoing, fashionable, and in-demand is nothing but hard work and that staying on top in the world of Instagram is tough. You have to be some who can seek attention without being seen to seek attention and that is something that is difficult to do. If you think that building your brand is your life then you are on the right path. Being a reputable player is a huge advantage and should never be discounted.

3. Use hashtags that are relevant. Driving traffic is the name of the game and using hashtags that are in demand is very important. You can do this by doing some basic SEO research that will save you a lot of time and trouble. See what hashtags rank well and be bold to use them intelligently to your own advantage. This is a habit that the most prominent people on Instagram and you should know how they use this tool to their advantage all the time. It might seem slightly old-fashioned to take this approach but it still works and it still works extraordinarily well. Searching for hashtags should be done weekly so that your hashtags don’t become old and stale. So the old analogy that the internet is like a garden that needs constant maintenance still holds true. It is good to catch a hashtag when it is trending up and not trending down. If you do regular inspections then you’ll notice developing trends and you’ll be able these to your advantage. Keep a list of hashtags and check them out regularly and you’ll notice these trends developing slowly but surely. Start low in the $20-$50 USD range and build it up from there.

4. Making and promoting your own hashtag is a bold move but it is also a necessary one. This will truly push your own brand identity to new heights. The only way to do this is to research and use your own imagination. For this, you’ll need to keep files and to keep using SEO research as your basis. This will mean that some hashtags will fail but there is no way around this. Failure is acceptable but not trying isn’t. It is always necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition and by developing your hashtags you’ll be able to do this and it will ultimately put your hashtag in a much better position than it would’ve been if you hadn’t invested the time and effort to do this. Think of this as an investment in your business and you’ll be glad that you did this. Freelancer is a good option to start off getting imaginative hashtags but you should always be looking to use more than one word and try to be imaginative in order to get followers. There is a lot of talent out there so why not use it?

5. By taking part in popular conversations you’ll soon build a solid reputation within a short amount of time. Being seen is the trick to being known. Search for these conversations and insert yourself quietly at first and then build your profile by doing this every day. It takes hours of participation every single day of the week to build up your profile but then again it is free to do it this way. At a certain point, you’ll achieve lift-off and then things will become much easier as far as getting views to your account is concerned. The main thing is to keep at it. Sometimes a bit of controversy is good as this will garner some attention and people tend to forget mini-controversies quite easily anyway. It’s all about momentum and this is a very important point to remember. Reap and you will sow.

6. Writing good captions is underestimated on Instagram but it can make all the difference. Tell your story if you have one. Make it interesting and relatable and draw in your followers by making it compelling as well. National Geographic does this very well so you should check them out and see what they can do. They have 50 million followers and they’re living proof that just because your brand is old doesn’t mean it has to die. This will mean you’ll have to become a good writer and be able to express yourself clearly and succinctly. By writing the compelling text you are opening up a whole new world to investigate for your followers to enter into and they’ll get to know you and relate to you through this medium. If you’re in doubt then use sites like Fiverr or Upwork to help you out for a reasonable fee. But really this is how to create your own identity and stand out from the rest of Instagram. You want to be different and be interesting rather than be just another Instagram celebrity. This is challenging and is a lot harder than it actually sounds but it can be done if you work hard at it.

7. There’s a lot of talk of ‘’ community’’ online but how many of us bother to be part of the local community these days? Check your local listings and turn up and be a part of it. Post pictures from the event and be seen online. The organizers of the events will love you for it because they will receive a significant boost in awareness from your posts. Be seen at the latest openings and start to build a reputation that is making things trendy. This will build your profile by itself and soon you’ll have invitations to attend all kinds of social events. It’s amazing what momentum can gather from this and you’ll soon draw a following because you are adding real value to people’s lives by pointing them in the right direction when it comes to attending local events that are worth going to. Being seen is part of the life of an Instagrammer so it would be best if you don’t have a shy personality before going down this route. You might be surprised at just how well known you might actually turn out to be. Make sure to use local tags so that followers know exactly where you and what you’re up to at all times.

8. Another clever tactic is to pay for posts that are sponsored and also pay for product reviews. This is a great way of exposing your brand to a wider audience and will attract followers because you’re providing value to your followers. People want to know whether something is worth buying and they can easily access the latest product reviews by going to your posts and making their own decisions after that. Get in contact with the most prominent bloggers in your niche and become friends with them and understand that you can help them if they help you. Of course, it’ll cost money but the question is whether it provides value. This depends on how much research you do. Make a list of all the top influencers and seek them out. Make sure they have an email address that you can contact them at so that you can outline precisely what you need from them and how much you’re prepared to pay for them. Make sure that they have a large following between twenty thousand to two hundred thousand. They should be affordable at this level and they’ll also have enough impact to make a difference to your account.

9. Asking people to follow you is one of the more obvious ways that you can increase the number of followers that you do have. But you’d be amazed at how many Instagramers make this fundamental error. Don’t do this every day but perhaps after you’ve provided something of value that your readers have enjoyed. Timing is everything in this regard and it is easy to pull in good numbers once you’re providing high-quality content on a consistent basis. Being consistent will increase your credibility considerably and this is the key rule to remember. Every good Instagrammer does this and it is considered quite normal on other platforms to do this. It’s all about building your numbers and if you can do this then you’ve obeyed the first rule of marketing; the money is in the list. Timing is everything so think carefully when you ask your readers or viewers to become followers. The success of your Instagram depends on it and this should not be treated lightly.

10. Everybody likes free stuff and so do your followers. This will encourage people to tag their friends and will generate buzz on Instagram which will increase the number of followers that you have. Be aware of the promotional guidelines that are in play and use them to your best advantage. Have an incentive for people to tag their friends as this will really build traffic so maybe giving prizes to the winner and their friend is a good way to go. If you do this consistently then you’ll build your following consistently as well. Consider the type of prizes that are appropriate. Watches are a good fit because they cost very little to ship and yet they can be very expensive as well. Other types of ornaments are worth considering as well. These can include rings, jewelry, and necklaces. T-shirts are cheap and readily identifiable and they advertise your brand when worn out on the street. With more and more podcasters selling merchandise it might be time for Instagrammers to start following this trend as well. Tickets for upcoming events might also be a good option as well as you’re working on the buzz factor that is the life and soul of Instagram.

These are just a few things that you can do to improve the number of Instagram followers. By doing your own research you can do other things that will complement the activities that have been listed above.

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