Making Work-From-Home Work for You

Are you a freelancer? A small business owner. A YouTuber. A Patreon filmmaker. Or a Parler content maker?

You’re the expert in what you do for the job. You’re the baron of got-to-work-and-earn for real success and happiness. To be happy and secure are your priority since then. And they will always be with you because you put your mind to it. Correct?

You, too, whose company you worked for nine to five announced the ‘big day’. You would be working from home. Your heart leaped for joy because your job is still yours. You still have many more projects lined up for your to do. Yey!

Despite the forced lock down, you get to work within the comforts of your home with wife and kids. Or alone with your most loving patient parents. If you’re single, work-from-home still works for you just great.


What’s at Stake?  It’s a Tough Win


Your excitement was through the roofs. The first four weeks was breezy. You’re all set up and ready. But politics-driven media tries to control you and ruin everything.  Shut down the world, and that rings the alarm of suspicion.

So, what’s at stake? What’s in danger? Your health. Your safety. Your job. Your earning powers?

Everything was at stake.  You accept that reality.  But your natural instinct was– to stay strong and healthy. Stay away from the virus as much as possible. Your natural instinct prods you to fight it. Whatever you’ve been doing to stay resilient and well and recovered, keep doing it.

Is working from home in danger?  Probably not. Sanity might be on the brink of giving way. Because the powers-that-be would not let you socialize, go to the park, walk on the beaches and anywhere there’s sun and fun.

But not just yet. You hang on to hope.


Stick to Here and Now

Tune out. TV news and social media can have a small or zero time slot in your schedule. No news is good news. They assume to know too much and scare you– hell-bent leaving you cold biting your nails.

Be deliberate in saving your stimulus support. Take care of the basics: food, clothing, warmth, shelter and exercise. Stick to keeping your mind and spirit fortified. Stick to your here-and-now tactics and therapies you’ve been doing in protecting yourself and family.

Take a break now and then: socialize over a cappuccino with loved ones. Help clean up the kitchen.  Wash every dish you use and relieve mom the work you can do yourself.

Here and now. Healthy, safe and working hard. Stick to it. Family will love you for being at home— serving and working.

Making Coventure Lockdown Work for you: You’re in a Battlefield

We name our epic crisis story: Coventure.  Joblessness, shut-in, mass quarantines plot into the picture. You’ve entered that land of adventure, in which you have a mission. It’s to fight the Loki and you come out resilient, much alive and well.  Your immune is working mightily for you. Stronger and competent.

Start each day different. Change some routine. You’ve had working-from-home all planned. So, make the most of your house– a haven for this hardworking earner– you.

At the brink of doubt and bravery almost eight months ago, you can wing it awesomely. Your time is the most important in your life right now.

Zeev David

Writing out-of-the-box posts is my business. I'm an avid reader, too.

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