Make Your Own Cat Food

We don’t have to buy everything from a shop. There are some things that we can make ourselves that are good enough to consume and can be made at a fraction of the cost. Cat food is one of these items and here are some tips for making cat food in your own home.

There are 2 types of food you can prepare for your cat. These are cooked foods and raw foods. By preparing the optimum amount of each food you can maximize the healthiness of each particular diet. This will mean that they receive an appropriate amount of protein while guarding against bacteria and germs. Be aware that dry food is lacking in water which tends to damage your cat’s urinary tract.

Feeding raw rabbit meat is a healthy option and this can be cut up into small pieces in order to aid digestion. Feeding chicken meat is a good idea so long as it is partially cooked. Make sure that the meat has been cooked to about 20% of what you would cook for yourself.

Homemade cat food should be made of the following elements: meat, organs, bone, fat, and supplements. This should be as close a copy as possible as what cats would be eating if they were left alone. During my time in Saudi Arabia, I saw a lot of stray cats eating fish, bits of leftover meat from restaurants, and even bits of dead birds. This produced a very lean physique and the great danger for a domesticated cat is that it’ll become fat. By concentrating on lean meats cats can become what they’re really supposed to be which is having low-fat content and a high amount of muscular development.

Make sure that the cat has plenty of variety in its diet. Including bones is great for its teeth and is very healthy form a psychological point as well. Making cat food shouldn’t be a hassle either as you would only have to do it every 2 to 4 weeks. Suitable equipment should be purchased in order to make food preparation easier. A meat grinder, a sharp knife, a meat cleaver, and some mixing bowls are all very useful and will make the job much easier.

If possible try and buy the best meat and this can include hearts that contain taurine. This is a major source of amino acid and maybe mixing it with eggs might be one way of making it more appetizing for your cat. Make sure it is as fresh as possible. Raw liver is another good for cats as well.

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Supplements are sadly necessary because the cat needs to replicate its natural diet. Wild fish oil is a good start but they should be getting this if you’re feeding them fish anyway. Vitamin E and B can be fed in powdered form. Lite salt containing iodine is another necessary supplement. Also, look to add fiber to the diet as this will prevent constipation. A good source of this that is acceptable to cats is psyllium husk powder.

By conducting your own research you can make a more than adequate cat diet that will fully take care of your feline friend. Cats need fresh meat but it doesn’t hurt to place a few supplements which add the necessary vitamins, protein, and fat to its diet. All of these elements can be locally sourced at a reasonable cost. And it will soon become obvious that a healthy cat is a happy cat.

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