Life in the Time of COVID-19

No one is ever prepared for a global crisis, worst a pandemic. While the world reels from coronavirus, the rise of mental health problems are looming, knocking on your doors as people have to brace the day alone and deal with social isolation in their own homes.  

Far from normalbut many say that life in the time of coronavirus is the “new normal.” What seems indifferent and frowned upon before is what is socially accepted today. Remember the days when your mom bothers you to meet with your friends because you spend too much time glued on your computers? How about moments where you just avoid going outside because why not?  

Well, going outside, socializing, and partying are a thing of the past during these unprecedented times. But who’s to say you can’t continue doing your all-time favorite hobbies in the comforts of your home!  

If you’re probably reading this, you’re one who deals with the current situation easier than others. In reality, more than the death tolls racking, the virus has consequently shown the inability of many to enjoy the same kind of privilege as you do. This is why the best thing you can do now is not just to flatten the curve, but also curb the longstanding problem of systemic inequality. You might ask, “How?” The answer is simple – you’ve got to do your part.  

In spite of physical distancing, you can keep community connections stronger by showing compassion and care to your neighborsStay physically distant and do some of these activities to keep your head away from all the stress and pressure that is COVID-19.  

Stay healthy and active.  

It’s easy for you to fall into the bed trap. Lying all day, sleeping, and eating a slice of a classic wood-fired pizza is a dream come true for many. Maybe you said to yourself this time, you’ve finally got your much-needed rest. You deserve rest but always remember staying active is the key.  

Exercise is one of the many activities anytime, anywhere. It’s even a great way to keep your physical and mental health in tip-top shape. There are different exercise routines you can do at home. You can even try and look on the internet for fitspiration models because who knows, after this pandemic, you’d get to sport your toned body.  

Look after yourself. Always.  

This is the best time for you to introspect. Think about the things you’ve accomplished and congratulate yourself for doing such a great job. Make a list of the goals and dreams your planning to achieve after this pandemic. It’s one way to keep you focused on your goal.  

Slow down. Breathe in and relax your mind. Don’t ever betray your emotions. If you feel sad, anxious, pressured, or even stressed, feel it. Acknowledge your emotions; never bury them. You can check out some mindfulness apps such as Calm, Smiling Mind, and Headspace to exude a peaceful state of mind.  

Do what makes you happy. 

With all the spare time you’ve got, it’s absolutely the perfect opportunity to brush up your old guitar skills or painting hobbies. A lot of people have posted on social media about their interesting daily routine and here you are, thinking how mundane your life is. That’s where youre wrong.  

This isn’t the best time to sulk and compare your lifestyle choices between others. It’s time to embrace what you truly enjoy, may it be as typical as reading a new book, or as mundane as washing your cars with your favorite eco-friendly cleaning products.  

Live life without limits (while physically distancing, of course). Take time to do and learn something that makes you happy. Don’t feel pressured to follow the crowd.  

Get in touch with your friends in selfisolation. 

Nothing can stop you from meeting up with your friends, not even coronavirus. While in-person meet-ups are off the table, there are many other alternatives to connecting with your friends. You can use technology to your advantage. To keep in touch with your mates, you can use a lot of apps – FB messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime, and the now popular zoom.  

You don’t have to miss out on your Friday dine outs, D&D sessions, or drinking parties. Just one video call away, you’re connected and ready to chat.  

Be informed and be ready to inform.  

Much has been said about fake news and unfortunately, it plagues the internet. Believe it or not, many people easily assume truth to different articles they’ve read online. Make it your duty to be fully informed of the latest updates and only share verified news 

Be a true advocate. Pass on factual information and spread awareness, instead of bogus updates. This way you create a healthy space of discussion and information that will not cause panic or distress for everyone.  

Take a break from the news.  

This sounds kind of counterintuitive from the suggestion above, right? Maybe you’re wondering why you need to take a break from the news, but honestly, it’s important to get a breather from all the bad news 

You don’t have to drop all your social media privileges. That’s not the best thing to do now. You just have to take a step back and limit your social media usage. Trust me, it’s for your own good.  Subscribe and check out news and information from trusted sources and spend time on the things that matter most to you. 

Maximize your reach.   

Are you wondering how you could help? You don’t have to simply stay indoors but that is excellent too. You can volunteer your time and get connected to the most vulnerable ones – the elderly.  

Check-in on your elderly neighbors, especially since they’ll have a more difficult time adjusting than you do. You can help them by doing simple tasks such as picking up groceries and delivering their shopping items. Your time and effort can make a difference for them during this time.  

Turn your space into a sanctuary 

You don’t have to repaint your homes or do full-on kitchen renovations to transform your space into a haven that is your home. You always can start by decluttering.  

Decluttering can save you heaps of time and money. Why? Because you’ll never know what you’ve got when your space is a mess. Start small; this activity is not meant to overwhelm you.   

Do you need to sort your wardrobe? Is your kitchen sink in need of a leaky tap repair? These small space fixes can help turn your space in a tranquil place that exudes nothing but happiness 

It’s not the best of time for many, but you don’t have to feel stuck and stressed with all the things around. COVID-19 continues to challenge the world, and you don’t have to succumb to that challenge. Rise above it, make every day an interesting day by doing simple things extraordinarily. Stay safe; stay happy.  

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