Kitchen Color Palettes for 2020

If you are planning on remodeling or repainting your kitchen, consider making a color palette first. Designers usually make use of three to four tones for the main components of the kitchen to make sure that everything falls into place. Here are some kitchen color palette ideas that are trending now in 2020. 

Off-white, Medium Wood, and Brass

If you are into making your kitchen look rich and stylish, consider this white, medium wood, and brass combination. This is probably the easiest color palette that one could not mess up. White always makes a room feel very elegant. Pair it up with medium wood flooring and cabinets to add style in the room. Adding brass faucets and light fixtures is a great way to tie everything together. 

White, Yellow, and Hunter Green

For a daring kitchen with vibrant colors, try adding some yellow and green into it. Paint your wall yellow or add a yellow backsplash for a pop of color. It goes well with hunter green kitchen island and white kitchen cabinets. Then finish it off by adding brass or gold hardware like the faucets, lights, and handles. 

Creams, Gray, and Blue 

This one is great for those who want a neutral palette while still having some color. Gray and blue together is a combination that will still give you a neutral feel while having color in it. Make your bottom cabinets blue and pair it with gray countertops, and cream overhead cabinets and walls. Add accent by placing gold decorations like a gold stool or a faucet. 

Distressed Blue, Wood and Creams

Another trend this 2020 is having a rich and rustic color palette. You can achieve this by mixing distressed blue with wood and creams. Distressed blue cabinets will give your kitchen the rustic vibe that you are looking for, especially when paired with wooden floorings, windows, and stools. Try adding creamy tones on the wall and decorations which will coordinate well with the distressed blue color. 

Navy Blue, Light Wood, and Creams

This is probably one of the most famous color palettes this 2020. People are starting to lean more towards using dark hues for their kitchen. Navy blue is a great daring color that will create a beautiful color palette. It is complementary to the color orange, which wood has. You can go ahead and add wooden stools and wooden flooring. Your navy blue cabinets will also effortlessly mix well with gold handles, faucet, and light fixtures.

Color palettes aren’t just about the walls and paints. Rather it’s from the floor of your kitchen up to the tiniest bit of detail like your cabinet handles. Don’t limit yourself to colors that are famous and usually used. Creating a color palette is a great way for you to get creative, mix and match colors, and visualize how they look together. 

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