Is This The Story Of Our Life?

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“When you’re young you have Time and Energy but no Money. When you get older, you have Money and Energy but no Time. And later when you finally have Time and Money, you no longer have Energy” – Annette Gulick quote, truth wisdom knowledge

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I think this is the somewhat sad reality of life, definitely not for all but true for most. When we’re young, we have all the time and energy to do anything we want but don’t have the money for it. When we got older, we started earning money but we are too busy building our career that all our energy is directed towards work and family that we do not have the time to enjoy and do what we want. And last, when we grow old, retired from work, we have all the time and freedom, stable, with savings and money to spend but less to almost no energy to do things we want to do or to enjoy things we should have enjoyed earlier in life.

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Life is too short to not enjoy and make the most of it in every stage of life. Enjoy the present with whatever means you have, do not postpone it for tomorrow, neither wait for what you think is the most perfect time nor for when you have the money already so on and so forth. Nobody knows what the future holds. Life is uncertain, do what you can do today for you never know if you could still do it tomorrow. Maybe we shouldn’t wait for all the right things to happen, for the right time to come and end up not enjoying anything at all and falling short of life. Make every time the right time to make the most of what truly matters.

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