Is it OK to ban so many applications or something else is wrong??

I read left and right people banning applications from the shops, from the countries, TikTok will be banned in United States, India banning so many applications too, just because they suspect Chinese people are somehow hungry of their privacy…

I don’t know how restrictive that is, but definitely not … very smart to let whoever slap whatever on the internet and then rip off whatever they life form your phones, just ebcause we should be liberal adn nice and let every single thief and leech attack your phones…

Do you see where I am going?

People who use the mobile phones for something else but leisure websites might have their finances on those devices. You might have your bank account connected on that thing. Do you know how it works? Can you write anti-theft software and protect it if you doubt something? No. The only thing you can do is hand-device-floor. That is all you can do.

And it is only because an app shop is liberal and let who ever publish whatever in their shop. They don’t even check. They don’t care. Install dangerous app. Who’s stupid? You’re stupid! Nobody cares if it steals your money.

Thieves don’t need your privacy. Who needs your photography of morning coffee, your hairy leg and a slobbering musty face of your dog right next to it… Who needs that? If hacker gets you phone, see that, deletes… That what he does. He doesn’t need your photos. Your photos are trash and when you upload more of your photos online, you just add more trash to the ever-growing collection of trash…

If AI becomes a supreme being, you know what AI will do when ascends to a throne to rule the world? Deletes aaaaaaaall the photos. Together with all the applications for photos. Photos will not be banned, it will be EXTINCTION. Our grangrandgrandchildren will learn that in school as THE BIG PURGE.

So, do I think that banning app is OK? No, but only because I don’t think it is a proper solution. I think that shop should unload much of that trash, all those apps that are dangerous or risky, and they should have problems when it comes to the safety and security, not just apps who cause them.

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    It is done in the larger interest of the people of India and is correct. And, you may not be aware about the damage done by PUBG on young minds.

  2. Gil Camporazo
    Gil Camporazo

    As far as I know the major reason why mobile apps are banned because of security risk, phishing and scamming.