International Mobile Wallets That Can Be Used for Payment Processing

International Mobile WalletsA virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device is known as a mobile wallet. Mobile wallets have become the most convenient ways for users to make in-store payments. Some other benefits of the mobile wallets are that these wallets help us to reduce the frauds, these wallets can save our valuable time, we can trim our wallet content and we can also receive lots of awards with the help of these wallets. Lots of E-Wallet companies are available which are providing E-Payment services to the users. Here, we will discuss some essential international mobile wallets that can be used for payment processing.

Apple Pay:

Apple Pay is one of the most famous mobile wallets and it is designed by Apple for iPhone users only. 15% of the Apple Pay users belong to the USA only and 85% of the Apple Pay users belong to the rest of the world. Nowadays, the numbers of users of this wallet are almost 252 million. It means that 31% of the active iPhone users are using this mobile wallet. To provide secure payment options to the users, Apple Pay has contracted with the MasterCard. To increase its user base, this company has also partnered with American Express and Visa.

Samsung Pay:

Samsung is known as one of the most famous world’s electronics company. First of all, Samsung launched its mobile wallet in South Korea in 2015. The Samsung Pay aims to provide secure and easy payment options to the users. Nowadays, this app is available in 15 different countries. Samsung Pay is providing the best payment options to the users. It means that users can easily send and receive payments via debit cards, credit cards and Paytm etc. According to Samsung, they have made more than 1.3 billion payments in the world through their mobile wallet. To provide the best payment services to the users, Samsung has contracted with more than 2000 banks in the world. Recently, Samsung has also contracted with ChasePay.

Square Wallet:

The founder of this company is Jack Dorsey and he has founded this company in 2009. Nowadays, Square has become the most famous and leading mobile payment company in the USA, Japan and Canada. This company has surpassed lots of brands to get success in the world. The most important aspect of this company is that with the help of their payment process, they are trying to provide benefits to the small businesses. Moreover, this company is also providing cutting-edge business models to small business owners. With the help of its strategic partnerships, this company has also boosted up their distributions and credibility.

Lemon Wallet:

It is also known as one of the most important digital wallets which is helpful for us to send and receive payments via mobile phones. You can easily send and receive payments by using this mobile wallet just y using your credit card or debit card information. The authorized users can only get access to this wallet by providing a 4-digit PIN. The most important benefit of this mobile wallet is that it allows you to track your spending and to know about your remaining balance in the mobile wallet.

Google Wallet:

Google has also started its mobile wallet under the name of Google Pay in 2018. By using Google Pay, users can easily make in-store, in-app and peer-to-peer payments. Nowadays, Google has also become one of the leading payment options along with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay for the people in the world. The most important quality of Google Pay is that it is providing a streamline payment option for users. Before the online introduction of this mobile wallet, Google has also signed contracts with lots of banks in the world for the fast and secure transfer of funds.


PayPal has also become one of the most famous mobile wallets for users in the world. The owner of this wallet is eBay and eBay is also known as the world’s most famous e-commerce company. With the help of this mobile wallet, users can easily make payments to their online purchases across the world. You can easily know the success of this mobile wallet from this fact that this company has more than 153 million accounts in the world. The services of PayPal are available in 190 markets and it is also supporting 24 different languages and currencies. PayPal is also allowing the companies to boost up their products and services by using its services.

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