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Vuzix Blade is an AR device that comes in the form of a pair of glasses. These glasses are able to install apps but you have to know how to do this if you don’t want to cause yourself the disappointment. Here are some tips on how to install apps on Vuzix Blade’s AR Glasses.

First of all the glasses should be connected to a Wi-Fi device. This can be done by simply scanning a QR code from your mobile phone or computer and then scanning it onto your device. The QR code can be generated by Vuzix on this website:

 This will allow you to shop for apps from the Vuzix App Store. Make sure that you have a valid account and that you have logged incorrectly. You then proceed to click on ‘’My Account’’ and after that, you click on ‘’My Devices’’. You then follow the instructions to register the account to your device. 

Of course if you have an app that is not in the Vuzix App store then it too can be installed but you must follow the correct procedure. This can be done by using your USB-C cable and if you’ve already downloaded an, apk file to your computer. The first step is to remove the battery from the Vuzix Blade. Be aware that standard USB ports do not supply enough power so you. Perhaps you buy an adapter to support your computer if you don’t have a USB-C port on your computer or you could decide to use a 3.1 high power port that will then enable a connection from a USB-A cable to a USB-C cable.

On the Vuzix Blade, you then proceed to do the following. You open up Settings and make sure that is now active. Proceed on to Connected Devices. You then press the button that is labeled ‘’USB’’ and then proceeds with the mode to ‘’Transfer Files’’. The Vuzix Blade should then appear as a device on your computer.

Now comes the important part. You can now use Windows File Explorer or if you have a Mac you can use Mac OS Finder to copy the .apk file from your computer to the virtual SD card on your Vuzix Blade. When the uploading process has been completed you then locate the files on your device and then proceed to install it. This is done by highlighting the .apk file that you want to install. This should take a few minutes so be patient. By following these steps you should be able to download any apps that you desire so long as it is compatible. If you are intending to install any apps that are not in the Vizix app store a good idea would be to check that they’re compatible by going to their website at

Overall the Vuzix Blade is an easy device to use and such problems can be overcome by spending a bit of time becoming familiar with the device. Reading the instruction manuals is always a great place to start but the more you actually handle it the easier it will be to deal with.

There is a world waiting for you in the Vuzix Blade AR device and all you have to do now is buy one and get moving.

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