How to write a great blog post

Writing a blog post is like learning how to swim. You can watch people swim all day. But you’ll never learn how to do it if you don’t take a dip yourself.

It’s relatively easy. Because just by surfing the endless wave of the internet, you’ll find many websites, guides, and tutorials that can show you how to do so. But to write a great blog post, you will need more than that.

It’s a very important skill that is used not just by regular people wanting to share their thoughts or insights, but also by businesses, writers, and all kinds of content creators to attract traffic, raise brand awareness, credibility, and thus potentially increase revenue.

So, learning how to properly write a blog post can be very powerful and profitable when done the right way!

Before you start, you’ll need to know the types of blog posts there are and decide, each time, what type suits you best. Some of the most common types are How-to guides, industry news, infographics, the “what is” post, checklists, and many more.

Your blog should resolve problems that the readers are experiencing by providing practical, engaging, and clear steps to go about it. You should ask yourself “who is my audience?”, “why would someone read my blog?” and “how can I captivate my readers and make them come back for more?”

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to follow a certain number of steps that will make your blog stand out in an interesting and educational way:

  • Think of a spellbinding headline.

Start by directly addressing the problem you are trying to solve. Every word of the headline should be chosen to charm and enchant your audience by offering them the answer they are looking for.

  • Seduce your readers with a good lead.

Now that you have tempted your readers to go for more, you need to keep them reading. That’s where the introduction comes into play. Try to empathize with them. Show them that you understand what it’s like to be them. Simply put, show them that you care.

  • Propose solutions.

In this part, you will fulfill an unspoken promise that you gave to your readers. You need to bring something to the table and share with them the solution and advice they desperately want by now. Go straight to the point and be original.

  • Inspire and motivate.

You have reached the end of your blog. But the journey didn’t end. Close with positive words or quotes to garnish your conclusion. But don’t forget to tell your loyal readers to subscribe and visit your blog for more eye-opening insights.

El Mehdi Laaroussi

Hello. My name is Mehdi. I am a copywriter and SEO specialist. My passion is to create highly engaging content that will add value to my readers.

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