How to learn English in fun and easy ways?

Do you want to improve your English without spending hours studying?

On the internet, their thousands of ways and materials to study the English language, but most of them are not fun or enjoyable, in the past year I manage to improve my language in simple and fun ways and without studying or has to allocate time for it.

As we all know when you want to improve your language you need to improve four skills (reading – writing- listening –speaking) I manage to find fun ways and methods for the four skills without spending a dollar.

I will tell you in the next lines how I did it, but I want you to put in your mind that the Maine Idea for me was to do everything I loved but this time in the English language rather than in my first language.


first I started watching short animated stories that were easy to understand and the picture will help you a lot especially if you are a beginner. Channels like story booth and my story animated and minute virus were really helpful and their words were easy and beginner-friendly also, YouTube provides English subtitles that will help you, discoverer, new words, and read while you listen so you can improve two skills in the same time. These videos helped me to build vocabulary and improve my listening and after watching them for a while it became really easy for me to understand English speaker YouTube so I started watching just English YouTube videos that help me to build more vocabulary but in specific genres like cooking vocab, beauty vocab, art vocab all of that without me paying attention.


When I first discovered webcomics was when I saw a website that translates them from English to my language and at that time my English was bad, anyway, there was this really good comic that I really loved and I was waiting for every update, but for some reasons the translation team dropped it, I remember that I got frustrated and then googled the comic and started to read it in English it was really hard at the beginning but the pictures helped me a lot.

After reading three or four comics it becomes easy. I will translate some words in other words I will understand them from the context it helped me to improve my reading skill and also to it helped me how to put the same word in many contexts and it introduce me to many English proverbs and idioms.

Reading stories

You might think that reading a story might be really similar to reading a webcomic, that’s true, but the reading story could also be less beginner-friendly and more on the intermediate side because of their no picture in the story like in the comics. Is that mean a beginner can’t read stories? No, of course, he can story come on many levels he just needs to choose the right story.

Oxford has a collection of stories; it comes in 6 different levels but Unfortunately, it is not free. Don’t be sad you can also find a lot of other free options on the internet you can find many free platforms that people share their stories in it. In these platforms, you can practice and improve your reading skills, and also you can share your stories and practice and improver your writing skill.


This is my favorite one, listening to songs is in my everyday routine, I love listening to them while I walk or draw, sometimes I like to watch the music video for songs I loved.

Listening to songs might be my favorite thing to do during my day, but to be honest, it wasn’t the most useful thing on this list, learning from song Is quite different and a little bit on the harder side.

Songs improve your listening skill, especially that you hear it over and over, but songs are fast and it is hard sometimes to understand what the singer is saying, you might be hearing the song for years and when you first read the lyrics you will find out that you were hearing it wrong all that time.

So to make songs useful in my journey with learning English, I started to read the songs’ lyrics while I listen to them. And this small tip helped a lot with gaining a new world and with my listening skill.

New friend

A friend how to speaks English can help you a lot to improve your language. It helps you in many different ways, the first one it helps you improve your writing skills by texting him you will need to form correct sentences that he can understand and in a short time so you both can continue talking that will help your writing skills and will make you faster at writing.

A new friend also will help you improve your reading and will add new words to your dictionary. And a friend also could help you with your speaking skills if you started talking with him.

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  1. John Reynold Loberiza

    My sons (5 and 2 years of age) learned English from YouTube.

    I, myself, learned English from reading Marvel and DC comic books. Marvel in particular. Their dialogues were lengthy compared to DC’s during those days.

    Thanks for mentioning Webcomics. I want to look into that.

    1. alaa ahmad
      alaa ahmad

      Welcome glad I helped, yes there a lot of fun ways to learn English language we just need to find the right one.

  2. Devika Primic
    Devika Primic

    I like your ways to learning ENGLISH. interesting and informative about a universal language it is easier when younger to learn a language.