How to become a good writer

Writing is an effective way of communication. Good writers are good readers, learners and listeners. They absorb and decipher a lot of information, which they put out in writing. 

Below are tips to become a good writer. 

Be clear 

Clarity improves connection and understanding of the message, it conveys the purpose of the message with transparency and trust. Clarity in writing is necessary so that points and details are not overlooked. Short and simple messages make it easier for readers to remember the details. 

Establish a unique role. 

Carve out a niche for yourself: good writers are not jack of all trades. They have areas of specialization, this help to increase focus and concentration. The inspiration to write can come from several things, like watching a movie, listening to music, observing the environment or an event unfolding before you. 


Engage your brain. Harness the creative power of the brain to captivate your readers. Readers are enthralled by precise and motivational writings which applies to issues or challenges they are passing through in real life. So your writings has to motivate and entertain, and this involves a lot of brain power cultivation. Learn the habit of jotting down ideas, poor recollection can make you lose vital objectives. 


Improve your writing skills. Practice brings about improvement. “Optimism is a perfectly legitimate response to failure.”   Try writing every day or multiple times, the more you write the more you improve. If you fail to be consistent in writing, the excitement behind your idea may begin to diminish.  

Write down your ideas, sometimes we can have a spark of idea which disappears without proper retention. It is advisable to draft down such idea at such moment to avoid losing it. Make out time to build on your ideas, it is best when the energy level is up, to enable the brain exercise freely. Learn to give a thought to your work even when you are engaged in other activities. 

Improve on your grammar and diction. Each language has it rules and usage and when not properly applied may send the wrong meaning to readers. Avoid repetition of words, let your content be rich in vocabulary. Learn new words and meaning to apply to your write ups. And remember to revise and edit your work before putting it up for publication this is to avoid mistakes which leads to poor ratings. 


Look for an engaging headline or topic. This is very important because it gives readers an insight to the content. This is the first thing that can grab the attention of your reader. The mistakes a lot of people make is to have a beautiful content with a wrong headline, and this can put-off readers immediately. 

Avoid distractions 

As a passionate activity, writing does not combine well with multi-tasking or background noise. It’s best done in a quiet environment. Try and maintain total concentration between you and your work.  Put your work before you, and eliminate all possible distractions. Be yourself and don’t mimic another person writing otherwise your work will be an imitation.  


Put your write ups to test using a blog, or other reading platforms and observe the reaction of readers, as it could be an indication of what to improve. 

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