How to make money on Blogger with Adsense – [ The Ultimate Guide 2019-’20 ]

How To Make Money Online?

Most probably this may be the most asked question in human life. There are several ways to make money online as eCommerce marketing say one has to sell goods or services to make money.


But in this blog, we are discussing ways to make money online. So we have to sell something online to make money, either any digital goods or any online services. But what about selling ads. Yes, it is quite an easy way to make money. As soon as you have unique content that has some value or helpful to a larger audience then you are in the right way. We will discuss it later but the topic here we discussing now is where to sell ads and how to sell ads.

Where To Sell Ads

Hi, here we will discuss “where to sell ads” for making money.


For selling ads we need a website or blog. As a start, I recommend a Blogger blog. Why blogger blog? It’s not only because the blogger is free but also it is SEO friendly. So you do not need many SEO tricks to get indexed on google. But there are some things to do in blogger too for better results. You can also use your custom domain on your subdomain. I will describe it all in this blogger-Adsense ultimate guide.

In a Blogspot blog or custom domain blog, you don’t need to:
  1. add any security plugins
  2. add any caching plugins
  3. get any SSL certificate for https
  4. worry about bandwidth, storage or downtimes
  5. bother about spam comments
  6. have the risk of getting hacked
  7. pay huge amounts for hosting
  8. go behind your competitors due to lack of speed ( blogger is blazingly super fast)
  9. spend hours every month on your blog settings (you concentrate only on creating articles)
So grab a new account on It’s free of cost!

How to Sell Ads

In the last paragraph, we were discussing selling ads on Blogspot/blogger blogs. In this section, we are on the topic “how to sell ads”.


To sell ads on the blog we need an ad program. There are many ad revenue programs and I recommend Adsense as it is more contextual and easy to manage with blogger blogs. Remember we are using blogger/Blogspot blogs. 
There are many other online advertising companies other than Google. But I recommend Google Adsense from my personal experience of 16 years. Let’s see why Adsense and why not Adsense alternatives on the next section

google adsense

Why Not Choose Adsense Alternatives

Never go for Adsense alternatives that are not converting well. Why choose Adsense? Why Adsense is converting well? Why not choose alternatives for Adsense?


Here are some reasons not to choose Adsense alternatives

  1. Adsense is more contextual so your blog’s visitors have presented more relevant ads to the topic. No other ad competitors have such kind of contextual feature.
  2. Adsense uses the user’s google search pattern and cookies for serving relevant ads to each visitor on your blog while other ad services use only keywords you choose on their ad campaigns.
  3. Adsense has a huge database of ads and advertisers for any kind of niche.
  4. Adsense never cheats you by stealing your clicks you can believe them as they are the most trusted in the business.
  5. You never need to struggle with Adsense for payouts. They will pay your money at the right time.
  6. Adsense gets more clicks than other services because they serve perfect relevant ads to the visitors.
  7. So I recommend you to use Adsense for ads on your site/blog.

How to get an Adsense account

If you already have an AdSense account you may skip this section. For those who do not have an Adsense account, you have to grab one. It’s much easy as you think. Don’t go and sign up on AdSense directly without having a quality blog. Here in Blogger, you can get an Adsense account. There is an Earnings Tab on the blogger dashboard. If your blog is eligible for AdSense you can create an account from Blogger itself.

So sign up to Adsense from the blogger blog by clicking the earnings tab once your blog is marked eligible for earnings. You will also get notified by mail once your blog is ready for Adsense. The next step is to place ads more effectively on the new blog. Steps on adding AdSense ads effectively as described in this article. So keep reading the upcoming sections.

Best Way To Put Adsense Ad On Your Blog – Responsive & Auto Ads

Google Adsense is now almost perfect with its new ad showing techniques – auto ads and responsive ad units. 
Responsive ads are ad units that do not have any specific size. Responsive ads size are determined by the space available in a website layout. It thus provides an automatic setting of ad sizes according to the different screen sizes or device displays.
Try new Auto ads
Auto ads will work with any Adsense ad code on your website. You only need to turn on auto ads on google Adsense settings.
In a blogger blog, you can set how to show your blog’s ad elements on the earnings tab itself. Google will do the rest at the optimum. You don’t need to worry much about it. Again you just concentrate only on putting unique and interesting content on your blog.

A little SEO

For a successful blog, you need traffic. But sometimes even superb content can get zero visibility in searches due to some simple mistakes done by the author/editor. 
Here are some tips to get your blogger blog into the top list in searches:
  1. Post only your unique content. Contents should be something that people search for.
  2. Use only copyright-free images in your post with proper image credits.
  3. Add a proper meta description to your blog. Describe what is your blog in 150 characters.
  4. Add relevant meta tags if your blog topic is a narrow niche. For a broad niche, just skip this step.
  5. Add meta descriptions on your posts. You have to turn on this feature on blogger settings.
  6. Use custom permalinks by removing stop words.
  7. Optimize your post title. This is the only drawback in Blogger which can be tackled easily. (see next section)
  8. Last but not least. Use a custom domain for more authenticity to your blog.

Optimize Blogger Post Title By Removing Blog Name

When coming to on-page SEO the most important thing to consider is the page title and URL. In this section, I am pointing out how to optimize your blogger post titles for better search engine rankings. This is very important.
Many SEO sites are sharing posts about optimizing page titles, but this is a different one. And of course a very effective one too. I have seen many SEO webmasters are giving tips on Blogspot page title and all of them are just the same but not the correct way to optimize. All of them are just about swapping the two parts, the blog name title to the end and post title to the beginning. But the best thing to optimize the blogger post title is to remove that blog title from posts.

Optimized blogger page title

How to remove blog title from blogger posts

Go to template > edit HTML > and use Ctrl+F to find the below code
then replace it with code given below


<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>

<title><data:blog.pageName/> </title>




Save your template. You’re done!


Now check the changes made to post title by viewing any post page on the browser. Now you will notice that the blog title has disappeared from your post title on the browser tab. Later this change will happen in your search links on google or other search engines too.

After doing this simple technique your blogger post title is optimized for search engines than ever before. You can see the changes in due course with this title optimization on blogger post titles.


Adding A Custom Domain to your blog

Now you can add a custom domain to your blogger blog from the blogger itself. Google domains are having a competitive rate and you can add your custom domain with ease. A custom domain can help you in making your brand website or blog. It will attract more subscribers to your blog. Moreover, your domain will be always yours only. 
You can point any domain from any reseller on your Blogspot blog. If you already have a domain then you just need to point it to your blog. You can do it in blogger settings page with instructions. If you are into buying a new domain I recommend Google domains in blogger settings. Doing so will automatically set your blog to work with your new domain.
Thanks to Google
Let say thanks to Google for providing such a wonderful platform to bloggers. That too at free of cost. Another amazing feature of a blog is to have a custom domain for your free blog. Out of the box, super-fast, incredibly secure platform at zero cost. Above all these features and freebies one can also avail the opportunity to earn from their articles. Google rocks! Thank you google

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