Home Office Journey: The beginning!

Throughout the year 2020 we have seen an increase in Work-At-Home opportunities. Many businesses have begun to create opportunities from home as a way to keep business booming during the crazy Worldwide pandemic that struck us all and turned our worlds in a 360 degree flip. Lucky for me, I was already a part of an amazing Work-At-Home opportunity and have been since March of 2019.

With all the new developments arising, more and more people are finding themselves hunting for a quiet, distraction free location in order to perform their WAH careers more efficiently. Or maybe their job, like mine, requires a certain level of silence that can feel next to impossible when you have kids, pets, and other family members buzzing around the house all day while you’re trying to work. Well have I got a solution for you!

In recent events, my family has made a decision to combine households. This means that my current 2 person household will become a 6 person household soon and keeping the noise down will be more difficult! In order to keep my job, I need near silence while I work my 8 hour shifts M-F, so we had to figure something out. 
Originally we planned to build me a small office since my dad does home improvements and can build a home from the ground up, but the plans fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. We chose to go on a hunt for a pre-built shed and then soundproof it. Boy did we find the perfect one!
We drove onto the lot of Cook Portable Warehouses and I saw the cutest shed before I even pulled into the driveway! We didn’t even realize they were open but wanted to take a look around. We started on the opposite side of the lot from the shed I saw when we drove up and their awesome salesman came out to speak with us and show us around. After looking at a few, we went to the one I’d seen and it was perfect! 
It will be delivered on 8/22 and we are going to be soundproofing and designing it into the perfect home office! If you’re looking for an awesome solution, follow along on my Home Office Journey and see how we DIY our way into an awesome soundproofed office shed!
Pictured: My dad, myself, my mom
Photo Cred: Cook salesman
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