Hell World – The Realm of the Damned

Dictation of the term hell is explained as a place of spiritual evil and suffering.

But many people in this world most likely ask themselves why is there so much death, carnage, and chaos. There are many people that view, and experience tragic events. Throughout their lives in this current world. Many people ask themselves why so much pain. Why does any child have to suffer? Why is innocence taken away by some of the worst behaviors of humanity? Many people ask why, and where is god. They ask why me god as if they were the only being in this current world that is suffering or experiencing traumatic events.

This is how it happens. There are hells, and there are paradises. There is a balance of opposite natures. Good or bad. Some beings within creation have free will, and so have a choice to choose. But there are beings within creation that do not have free will, and a choice to choose. They have surrendered themselves totally to the will of the supreme all spirit.

If a being that has no freewill violate the laws of the supreme all spirit. Which are cosmic, galactic, and planetary laws? They are punished in many ways.

One of those ways is imprisoning a being or beings within a hell world. As was done in your Adam, and Eve story. They became outcast and were sent to this hell world called Hyades.

This current world is called Hyades because the temporary rulers’ origin is from the Hyades region of the Taurus Constellation.

Beings of humanity are all in a hell world. But act surprised when they see the devils doing their job. A devil’s nature is destructive. When a being imitates and follows by their examples you dwell in hell with them.

As it states in Revelation chapter 12. The devil, satan, and his mal-messengers are being cast out of the upper worlds. They are being cast to planet Earth, and they have and are deceiving this whole world.

Your help is at the end of your own arm. Devils dwell with devils. Animals dwell with animals. Demonic deities dwell with demons. Benevolent deities dwell with beings of righteousness.

This is a testing ground for the saints of old whom fell from grace. A divine test of discipline. Only divine love, divine peace, and divine enlightenment can save.

The brain is a biological computer. It computes data by the incoming light captured by the lens of the eye. So in order to reprogram the brain’s central processing centers which are located on the right, and left hemispheres. Divine knowledge needs to be taught. Actions are caused by thought processes of the mind, and the decisions made by reasoning computed by the brain.

There are many hell worlds some worst than others. Order and disorder are both within the confines of the boundaries of all creation. The first rule of conquering disorder is the unification of opposites by balance. Harmony brings unity.

Do not pray or ask for help when you know deep down you do not want it. Humanity loves this hell.

William West I Manuel

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. University of Cincinnati alumi in the studies of Electronic Media. Graduate of King University with a bachelor's degree in business.

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