Handwashing is negligible but it shouldn’t be

One of the important rules to observe to prevent possible contamination of the dreaded disease like Coronavirus is handwashing.

Now and only now that this practice becomes mandatory when in fact it has been introduced internationally along with sanitation observation sometime in 2008.

In August 2008, the Global Handwashing Partnership held the annual world water week in Stockholm, Sweden and started the Global Handwashing Day.

The United Nation set October 15 was the date to be observed by all nations as the Global Handwashing Day.

As far as I could remember before I retired in October 2016 as a school principal of an elementary school, we had the theme – “The Power is in Your Hands!”. That’s why hands should be washed by soap. Our students were made to aware that clean hands have the “power” to maintain their hygiene and best sanitary attitude.

Our Department of Education has never failed us. It has issued an order that every school is required to put up handwashing for basin for a group of students. Every school in our country has received a budget for the construction of the said washing stand.

Now it’s indeed beyond our expectation that this practice becomes obligatory after 12 years when COVID-19 has become pandemic now.

Now the world is tumbling down. The people’s corpses keep on piling up. Employment has stopped. Trade and industry are greatly affected. Businesses are going down.

Looking at it, handwashing is a simple thing and because of it, it’s being neglected. You may not be negligent but others are.

Anyway in God’s hands, we will be spared through our unwavering faith in Him. So be it.

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  1. Dina Bernardino

    Now, it seems that almost everyone know about the need for proper hand washing.

  2. Ramona Tejada

    Proper handwashing for our safety especially at this time of covid-19 Pandemic. Self hygiene to keep the virus away.


    Tama po kau sir grade 1plang tinuturo n proper hand washing pero d rin nasusunod nw lng nila nakikita ang kahalagahan ng paghuhugas ng kamay d lng dpat s school dapat san tayo mgpunta d lang mga bata dpt gwin yan dpt lahat tayo para iwas virus

  4. Lovely Custodio

    It is a basic doing that most of us neglect handwashing which today will be one of our weapon to fight the pandemic. So it should start within us to do handwashing. Keep safe.

  5. Bienvinido C, Cruz Jr.

    worth to read po…maganda po sir.

  6. Racquel M. Camero

    Definitely correct!.According to Aristotle, the hand is the “tool of tools”.In general it is strength, power and protection. So make it a habit to wash our hands with soap.Be safe.


    It’s true, it is just a simple thing often neglected yet the impact on our health is huge even without the Pandemic that we are facing now.

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    -- --

    For me, it is a regular habit.

  9. Mister D

    It is indeed a must that all students in every school should practice handwashing not only in the school but also at home. Sometimes they neglect to do the simple things that could definitely save their lives!

  10. Esjane G. Ramos

    Yes its true that handwashing play a big rule in our situation now..But we should implement it in our house to school or vice versa..

  11. Venus M. Lalo

    There is a saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness.So always keep ourselves clean.

  12. Nancy Badua

    Regular and proper hand washing should be a must in all schools and even gov’t and private offices.

  13. Brando Torio EdD

    Before its only a program of DepEd under W.A.S.H.but NOW its a reality and new “norm” everyone must adhere and observe.

  14. ELLEN

    Tama. Dapat di po natin kinakalimutan ang paghuhugas ng kamay kahit wala tayo sa paaralan. Ginagawa dapat natin ito religiously to keep the virus away.

  15. Rosevel M. Vargas

    Teachers have more time in reminding learners about proper hand washing. Whenever possible, especially before the recess,ample time for hand washing should be given.

  16. Mary Ann G. Carpio

    Wether there is a pandemic or non, every one should practice personal hygiene specially washing our hands, bec.our hands are the most busy part of our body,so it can easily transmit germs to whatever you touched so it must be cleaned from time to time to prevent being sick…

  17. Everlina Geron-Santiago

    Handwashing practice is indeed important in establishing good hygiene practice among learners. It is a basic activity that each should properly make a habit.

  18. Ronald

    Thanks for the reminders even thought we know that it is a simple etiquette but we openly neglected washing hand oftenly is one of a move that we can do to stop virus from spreading

  19. Luzviminda

    hand washing is not new to us parang nag kulang pala tayo sa implementation but hindi pa huli now meron na tayong mga deped memo about handwashing isa ka pong propeta sir

  20. Right,proper handwashing is a safest way to prevent this pandemic like covid19!we need to practice proper hygiene by this time!

  21. Dapat po panatilihin Ang paghuhugas NG kamay,s paaralan man o s bahay.maaari din po itong gawing daily habit pra makaiwas s sakit!

  22. Benonie Vecina

    Handwashing is a standard for self hygiene. So everyone of us should do this task if if we want a healthy life. If we neglect it then we should face the consequencies.

  23. Crispin

    Your right sir… very simple activity na dapat naging habit na sa mga tahanan… kung hindi pa nagkaroon ng isang pandemic ay hindi mabibigyan ng pansin

  24. Jennifer Uy

    Yes sir you’re right. Handwashing should be done especially now a days at this very moment that we are facing a pandemic. It is a greater help not only for our learners but for everyone.

  25. Simeon S. Taguinod Jr

    thank you so much for the info sir!

  26. Richard C. Biglete

    We must be mindful of personal hygiene. It is an essential as part of our daily routine. Not doing so, exposes to bacterias and germs which migth cause undesirable results and health complications.

  27. Georgios Gkoutzouvalos

    We should not forget to wash our hands before we eat. That was true before the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to be in the future, even when the pandemic has hopefully gone.
    In one of his books, Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management, talks about a surgeon who couldn’t explain the high number of deaths in his clinic. In the end, he realized that his negligence to do something as simple as wash his hands should be blamed for the deaths of so many patients.