Grow your own aloe vera

Have you tried growing your own Aloe vera? Aloe vera is easy to grow. It needs a bit of sandy soil for porosity as it does not like wet feet. The plant will give out suckers that could be gently pulled out and planted elsewhere and within a year you will have a dozen or more plants. It requires a bit of the morning sun.  It is reported that the plant should reach maturity. A four-year-old plant will be ideal to get its full benefit.


Buying  Aloe vera based products is very expensive especially those that are fortified with other ingredients.


There are several conditions that Aloe vera takes care of  It can cure burns.  Immediately one encounters such a situation application of the gel from the leaf will set it right within two days

Aloe vera also helps grow healthy hair.  It also clears the hair of dandruff.  Just before a bath a good application of the aloe vera gel applied on the root of the hair and kept there for an hour or so will do wonders.

Aloe vera is noted for moisturizing the skin and a similar approach especially applying it on the face on a daily basis will show results.


Aloe vera gel is also taken internally which helps improve immunity and helps those who have problems with their digestion.  Here the whole leaf is cut into tiny pieces and taken along with honey.  The outer part of the leaf is bitter and this method helps ward off the bitterness  It is however advised people with no problems with their digestion should not take the outer part of the leaf.

Once the leaf is severed from the plant it should be refrigerated for future use.


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