Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

In life, you have what you call a mishap and a good fortune.

You can call it what you like, but when something bad goes wrong you tend to blame others for that wrong that happened in your life.

You want to be better than others and try to compete with your neighbors to have what they have in their homes.

Life is what you make of it in every way it is not about jealousy or unhappiness for other people.

So, enjoy the simple things in life by appreciating what you have on your plate.

It is easy to forget what you have and want what others want and have but it’s up to you to know what you can afford for yourself.

The simple gestures create a good feeling in you.

What you have others don’t have and what others have you may not have in your home.

Be yourself and enjoy what makes you happy.

A happy person sees life through all times and enjoys the small homemade gifts than the expensive gifts

Anything you make with your own hands as in crafts or souvenirs it is appreciated.

The moment you deviate from that thought to be someone else you do not enjoy it.

Everything is enjoyed and it is special and made from the heart.

To enjoy the simple things in  life you need to follow through a different lifestyle.

Think of what makes you happy and what puts that smile on your face on your hard day at work or home.

Anyone can make you laugh but it must be from within.

You can buy what you can afford and what has value to you. This can be an ornament or a piece of wood.

Live life to the fullest and be happy without having to buy a colorful dress that you can’t afford.

Happiness comes from within and when you enjoy what you have it won’t make you feel as if you are missing out on the expensive goodies.

Enjoy what you have rather than showing it off to people.

You can have everything your heart desires without good health and happiness that doesn’t matter.

The more you choose to enjoy the simple things in life the more you show your true self.

Be yourself and know where you come from to enjoy the little things in life.

No matter where you go or where you come from your true self is an important factor of you.

To enjoy the little you possess is to be that positive person.

Laugh at what sounds funny and create your self-image as pure as can be.

Listen to your favorite music, play your best sport, visit an old friend. Whatever happens at the moment can change your life for the best.

You can enjoy the simple things in life by thinking positively, doing the positive, and surrounding yourself with positive people.

A view  from my home

Change your daily routine and enjoy each moment with the one you love, with family or someone special.

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