Dos and Don’ts of A First Date

When it comes to relationships ‘the first impression is the best impression’. There is a feeling of excitement and expectation associated with first dates. It also comes along with a lot of responsibilities from both parties. Dating opens up the potentials of each partner. The impression from a first date can form the basis for moving the relationship further or not. Here are a few tips when going on a first date.

1. Focus on knowing each other

First dates are meant to explore the world of each party.  Through questions, answers, and interactions you can get a perception of the personality of a person. Have a balanced communication, speak, and let room for the other person to react. Mix your communication with a sense of humor and smiles, it helps lighten the atmosphere. Don’t pour out your entire life story on a first date, save it for the perfect time in the future. Avoid a one-sided conversation, try and touch on different topics.

When on a first date, don’t be carried away by the splendor of the environment, food, or entertainment. Try and be conscious of everything and relate it to a purpose. For example, if you had a delicious meal together, you can air your thoughts about the meal and ask your partner his/her thought also. Having diverted attention could indicate a lack of interest, so flow along with the moment. Have an open mind and be careful of your words, it adds up to your personality. Excess talking, eating, drinking, looking can be a huge turnoff, so watch it. Be a silent observer, even when you notice something odd, you can point it out mildly but not too strong. Be courteous to the people around, be appreciative, and use simple words like please, and thank you.

2. Show care, interest and attention

During a date, always regard the other person as your guest. Make him/her feel welcomed. Show love, respect, and care. Never abandon your guest on a date, make sure he/she is safe even after the meeting. Let your guest take the center stage, open the door for her, ushering her to her sit, ask if she is comfortable. Detach sensual feelings or any other negative thoughts and focus on your date. Do not force the chemistry but focus on enjoying every moment. Don’t bring the hurt and pain from your past relationship to your date.

3. Plan your dates

The best place for a first date is the type that encourages open conversation and connection. Places that allow you to maintain eye contact and read the facial expressions from your partner. This type of atmosphere allows for quick learning and understanding of your partner. Try to keep to time on your first date, turning up on a first date late is not nice. So the need to plan alongside your partner is important. Dress for the date, and don’t be too casual. Your dressing speaks a lot about you. Let your dress be comfortable and attractive. Put on something that allows you to express yourself freely without having to worry.

4.Take responsibility of the bill

This has to be part of the plan. Be clear on who has the responsibility of handling the bill before stepping out. Normally, the person that initiates the date should take care of the bills. Do not go to places that are beyond your budget. You can make research and find out moderate places. Always have extra cash in case of an emergency. Nothing could be more embarrassing and disheartening than after all the beautiful conversations, fine food, enjoyment, and getting to know each other, then there is no money to pay the bills.

5.Be yourself and be calm

People can detect originality and falsehood that comes with attitude and character, so it is better to be yourself and let the best side of you speak louder than your words. Free yourself and don’t be too conscious. Don’t expose your weaknesses. Remember table manners, and show appreciation about the outfit or looks of your partner. Confidence is important on a first date.

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