Do not leave your valuables unattended

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Photo by Amy Benton Blake on Unsplash

Sometimes we invite trouble to ourselves. Yes, there are things beyond one’s control but there are also things we can do to at least lessen our chances of falling victim to theft. Such was the incident I saw of a young lady, who left her bag and tablet on a table of a fast-food restaurant and heedlessly walked her way towards the restroom. She never even bothered to look back at her belongings she left unattended.

Unmindfulness like that or shall I say obliviousness or laxity? Whatever we may call it, leaves our self open and vulnerable to theft. What if someone out there is keeping an eye on people like her who leaves herself an open target? Lucky for her nobody walked away with her belongings at that time.  But will she always be lucky? Would circumstances always be like that for her? Who knows what might happen next time? Her life could even be endangered.

Be vigilant!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We must always look after our safety and that includes our belongings when in public places. Theft is rampant. Theft is everywhere. I know anyone can fall victim to it BUT let us not increase our risk of being victims of such incidents by following simple reminders like “Do not leave your valuables unattended.” They have been posted on walls with large, bold fonts for a reason, not just for decoration, not just to be ignored by the public but to be noticed and followed for one’s own safety. If we will not look after our possessions then who else will?

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