Distance learning possible? Is it effective?

In March 2020, the school administration classroom activities dwindled for everyone got panic because of Coronavirus outbreak. All attention was focused on the day-to-day update of the Department of Health on the number of cases of COVID-19 patients.

The local government issued its own order to be followed by the populace to contain the spread of the dreaded disease. The elderly strictly may not go out. Stay at home is strictly imposed to all except the Front-liners.

Student’s studies stalled

The Philippines educational system is badly marred by COVID-19. The final examinations of the students in all levels weren’t conducted as schedule. Classes were suspended until the school was finally closed.

The traditional students’ activities like junior and senior prom graduation rites were canceled. Excellent and outstanding students weren’t recognized.

School-related activities were paralyzed. How could the students continue their studies? Distance learning is deemed necessary and practical.

Since classes in all levels are suspended, the Department of Education (DepEd) has come up with solutions to remedy the affected studies of the students.

Initially, classes should start in August as planned but a new plan is to have it in June but no physical attendance or face-to-face classroom instruction. Instead, electronic technology should be used like a laptop or computer. It sounds impractical for not all to students have a computer.

Home schooling may be practical too. The students study the subject modules as they’re solely supervised by their parents.

What else do you think?

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  1. Jenette Mejia

    Maybe this is the best time to strengthen the school and parent partnership. Since DePED released orders, different platforms for learning were introduced, the school can provide modules, and the parent now can help in the facilitation of learning may it be online , home schooling, blended or whatever it is. There are a lot of changes and what we have to do is to accept and embraced those changes so that learning will continue amidst this pandemic.

  2. Georgios Gkoutzouvalos

    I agree with you that there is a big question about those students who don’t have a computer or similar device at home. How will they be able to take part in classes organized through distance learning based on the use of a computer?
    Of course, any effort to provide some form of education so that the majority of students stay connected with school is welcome. When schools open again, I am sure that teachers will take care of those students who are unable to attend online classes.