Difference between the body and spirit

A lot of People often misunderstand the body to be the real man. This is totally wrong. The body can be compared to the clothing we put on for the purpose of protection. In other words, the body is what is needed to function on earth, at death the body is dropped and returns to dust. Jesus Christ gave a hint of the difference between body and soul in Mathew 10: 28. ”Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell”. The body is earthly, while the spirit is non-material. During death, the body is buried or put aside, while the spirit moves on. 

The body is related to physical functions and senses such as sight, taste, smell, hear, and touch While the physical body needs food to survive, the spirit depends on the music, motivational words, the act of love and kindness to stay motivated. The quality of what we allow the body and spirit to absorb also determines the quality of our health and personality. The expression ”garbage in, garbage out” sums it all. Life gives back to us, what we put in. A good example is when we eat the wrong food, it affects our health negatively, while the wrong belief can affect the way we think and act.  

Apart from quality food, the body also needs movement. Exercise is recommended as part of healthy living. Generally, life does not support stagnation and everything revolves around some form of energy. From the minutest organism to the giant mountains, everything is breathing while undergoing different stages of transformation. Some transformations are so small that the physical eyes can’t see. Movement in the form of walking and different forms of exercise supports and strengthens the bones, joints, and muscles while assisting the heart to circulate blood and other fluids. 

The spirit connects to the Almighty through prayers and meditation, and spiritual messages are anchored within the spirit. The body carries out the prompting of the spirit. Which means the spirit should control the body, and not otherwise. The bodily desires are earthly and such too much of it can be a problem. Note that we give power to the things we give attention to. Learn to control your desires and let them not outshine the spirit. 


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