Diets versus Weight Loss Remedies

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It should be said that fitness is not a way to lose weight, but a warm-up for the body and the ability to keep it in good shape. As a fitness trainer, my friend said that people who need to lose about 40-50 kg very rarely come to the gym, because such procedures will take them more than one year, and they require incredible efforts.

With diets, things are even worse. Firstly, any diet is a huge stress for the body, which is accustomed to receiving a certain level of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, by going on a diet you put your own health at risk. Secondly, losing weight through diet and burning.

First of all, the body’s necessary reserves of fat and only then lose weight. However, it does not lead to anything good: loose skin, sagging folds, and moreover, after a diet, you will begin to rapidly gain the excess weight, which you have been trying to get rid of for so long.

What to do, you may ask. The answer is simple: turn to weight loss products, but you need to approach this very carefully: firstly, no tea for weight loss. This is a common diuretic, along with which you lose vitamins and moisture that the body needs.

Secondly, only natural remedies: no GMOs, no artificial additives, hunger suppressants or fat burners. Moreover, no tonics are all a terrible poison for the body, from which you need to stay as far as possible.

Fitness trainers always recommend paying attention to the acid-base balance in the body, because it is the one which is responsible for the formation of excess fats and the malfunctioning of the digestive system. 

If you are overweight, then with almost a 90% probability your acid-base balance is disturbed, and insulin is also increased. This means that you need a remedy that can normalize your insulin balance and levels. 

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