Are concentration curls effective for females

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Least important, most seen workout – The Concentration Curl

How this concentration curl is going to work out for females? Is there any use especially they are into weight training to become trim? Does it work for being slim? I am telling the truth behind this workout in real life – not in photographs!

The ‘ concentration ’ curl, where a girl sits on the bench smiling at the camera, his elbow flexed, a dumbbell in his hand moving towards the shoulder, is one of the most commonly seen photographs of ‘ weight training ’. The truth is this ‘ popular ’ exercise is missing from the routine of most serious weight trainers!

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The reason is that it’s amongst the smallest muscles, so it’s performed fewer times a month as compared to the big muscle exercises like squats, deadlifts, and chest press. Now, these don’t get photographed too much because they make for poor picture composition and you can’t look pretty or attractive performing these exercises, let alone smile and gaze flirtatiously at the camera.

So you see a guy with dole – shole and a paunch to match, then he belongs to the category that trains the smaller muscles more than the bigger muscles ( and I say don’t date that kind, date the kind with a flat stomach and bulging triceps).

Bulking up even after weight training!

The same goes for women who complain of ‘ bulking up ’ post weight training. They are resting the big calorie-burners ( big muscles — legs, back, chest ) and are doing the favourite and most photographed female exercise — the lunge — with pretty pink dumbbells that the model curls to her shoulders as she poses for the pic.

[ Image Source: publicdomainpictures ]
Pictures may say a thousand words, but not the fitness photographs. Always remember that they are exceptions to the rule.

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