Cancel Campaign Outrage: Speak out for You and Me

Cancel Campaign Outrage: Speak out for You and Me

Cancel the National Anthem. Cancel the Star-Spangled Banner. Cancel canned beans. Cancel Confederate statues. Cancel …etcetera, etcetera.

And now these groups want to remove, tear down any statues of Jesus Christ. Tear down Jesus’ statues because the person of Jesus is too white. The Jesus, that slavery-driven Christ has so many people serve Him and worship Him.

White supremacy of Jesus is abominably victimizing all races of color because of His whiteness. To have Jesus standing up anywhere in site of tax-paying private church vicinities is outrageously racist. Xenophobic to many of us who have a tinge tan and color on our skin.

Symbols of these pieces of structural edifices represent white supremacy and racism. Cancel groups tell you and me to tear down statues, monuments and buildings including looting and stealing white European Gucci bags and watches.

Burn and loot business properties we—the people who are earning income because we have jobs and pay taxes– pay the government to protect and keep them up there where they belong.

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