Body language clues that say she is interested

In both formal and casual communication, a lot of emphases is placed on words or what people say. However, nonverbal communication is equally or perhaps even more important. Body language says a lot, and many times, what it says has more impact than the words that are spoken aloud.

Recognizing the power of nonverbal or body language, psychologists have long been studying a field of science called kinesics. This delves into body language as a significant factor in communication, and in extension, in human relationships. For example, for couples and people dating, understanding body language is very important. Nonverbal gestures and cues help them evaluate their partner and assess his/ her reactions or thoughts.

From the first meeting process up to the time when you decide to commit to a relationship or have an argument the body language is observed and “listened to.” Outside the coupling environment, nonverbal language is equally important. Every member of a family, parents, and children, lovers, spouses, neighbours, friends, enemies— communicate through nonverbal means. And although silent, nonverbal messages are often loud, clear and unmistakable.

The teenager who storms out and bangs a door, the lovers who exchange tender looks and the mother who worriedly waits for a daughter to come home— these people do not have to say even one word to communicate their exact feelings.

Therefore, the first basic principle of body language is this:- Body signals reveal true feelings and thoughts, directly from the subconscious mind.

Most people, under normal circumstances, are not consciously aware of their body language. As such, they do not often use body language to lie or cover up the truth. This means that compared to words, body language tends to be a more accurate reflection of what they truly feel or think. In cases when what a person says is different from what his body language says, trust the nonverbal message more than the actual words.

Let us get started with the various tips and techniques on how you can read and interpret body language in the women that you meet. For people who are interested in learning how to read body language, certain skills are necessary. First, one must be observant. Second, you must be willing to put effort into the learning process.

Role of eyes in reading her mind

Experts in body language agree: the eyes are often true reflections of a person’s inner thoughts and feelings. What is also very fascinating is that most people seem to have an inborn ability to “feel” what the eyes are saying, and to “connect” with someone through the silent but powerful language of the eyes. One evidence of this uncanny ability is the fact that although a person may be a standing a considerable distance away, he can feel with absolute certainty that he has established eye contact with someone even at that far distance.

Here are some tips to read her mind looking into her eyes:-

  • Note the facial features, especially the eyes. These are the “windows to the soul” and they convey much of what a person feels inside. If the eyes are dilated or seem to be wide open, it means that the person is interested in the topic or in the person he is talking to. Dilated eyes also indicate focus or concentration.
  • Where the eyes are directed can also be significant. If they are looking at the side, the person may be feeling guilty or wanting to hide something. If the eyes are looking down, she may be feeling shameful or subservient.
  • You know that when a person rolls up their eyes, they are indicating their non-acceptance or unwillingness for something. Some of the signs are quite apparent, but there is so much more than the eyes can tell you.
  • When the eyes look toward the right, this means that the brain is imagining or creating certain thoughts. Thus, eyes looking at the right can mean that the person is lying, or fabricating something in her mind while she is speaking. She could also be simply guessing or telling a made-up story.
  • In contrast, when the eyes look toward the left, this means that the brain is recalling or remembering something. This is a good indication that the person is being truthful. She is remembering things, not making them up.

You will also notice that women’s eyes show more iris surface than men ones, helping them to send more signals.

Role of the chest in reading a women

  • Men, in particular, will often pull their shoulders back and push their chests out as a show of either confidence or arrogance. Both men and women will push their chest out in an attempt to impress a member of the opposite sex.
  • It is claimed that women send out five times more sexual body language signals than men do. Many women use body language to flirt, either consciously or subconsciously. Women who are flirting will often wear a low cut top or dress that reveals the skin on her back, chest or shoulders. They may lift their hair to reveal the skin on their necks.

How arms tell us her mind

  • A woman standing with their arms folded across their chest is normally demonstrating that they are uncomfortable, reserved, or has cut you off.
  • A woman standing with their hands on their hips may be showing that they are impatient. Sometimes they often throw their arms into the air to demonstrate frustration.
  • Another important aspect of using hands in body language is touch. When someone is talking to you and they feel comfortable they will often lean towards you and place their hand on your hand or your arm. This is particularly true between members of the opposite sex.

How her legs tell you what’s in her mind

It was none other than Albert Einstein who said, “The legs are the wheels of creativity.” He could just as easily have said that the legs where the wheels of non-verbal communication. This is because the legs will often communicate what the person is not saying.

Let’s find what her legs are into:

  • Interpreting body language is not an exact science. Individuals react in different ways, as do different cultures. You can, however, observe the legs and feet for certain signals. If a man swaggers when he walks it is usually a sign of confidence. Women will sometimes walk in a manner that causes their hips to sway. This is a subtle sign of flirting.
  • When someone is sitting with their legs crossed, it could indicate that they are either closed off to you or that they have a closed mind. Getting someone to uncross their legs is a clear sign that they are opening up to you. Just remember to take into consideration that a woman sitting with crossed legs does not necessarily mean she is closed off to you.
  • This is a common posture for women, especially when they are wearing a short skirt or dress. If her knees are turned towards you it shows that they are receptive. If, however, her knees are turned away from you it is usually a good indication that she is uncomfortable with you and wants to get out of there.
  • Move a bit further down the legs and look at the feet. If someone’s feet or even a single foot is pointing towards you, it means that they are comfortable with you. If the feet point away from you, it means that the person is getting ready to leave.

Role of lips in reading her body language

You just cannot keep staring at their lips. Just a quick casual glance should be able to help you read what is in her mind. But, what helps you here is the fact that lips are among the most expressive parts of the human body. There is no way a person can keep their lips passive when interacting with someone. They are going to move, and so they are going to tell you what’s going on within!

Reading lip movement tips:

  • One of the most recognized signals in every country and culture is the smile. It indicates friendliness and desire to communicate. Yet it is not a natural facial expression. It is something that we have learned to do. Moreover, a smile could be genuine or it could be forced. A genuine smile involves the entire face, including the eyes. A forced smile uses only the muscles around the lips.
  • The twitching of the lips is often an indication of a person’s inner thoughts. If you are talking to someone and the corner of their mouth twitches, it could indicate that they do not believe what you are telling them. Often when someone is telling lies, their lips grimace briefly. This is their subconscious expressing disapproval of the conscious lies.
  • The lips, in particular, are often used for non-verbal communication with members of the opposite sex. A woman that licks her lips when she is talking to you is often showing that she is interested in you. Likewise, a slight puckering of the lips into a kiss shape also indicates that she is interested in you. Be careful though, if her lips are puckered and she touches them with her fingers it usually indicates that she is uncertain.

In conclusion, one should not only listen to her but watch what her body is telling you as well.

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