Best Android Root Apps in 2020

Rooting is simply known as the setting free your Android Device from its restrictions or in other words we can say that it is bypassing the restrictions the Manufacturer puts on and taking full control over the device and the operating system.  If you are familiar with the term ” Jailbreaking Apple devices “; that process is also very similar to the rooting process as both aid to take administrative control over the operating system.

Basically, through Android rooting your device will be able to walk around the paths that it doesn’t even allow to have a look on. As there is an abundance of ways to root your device, it isn’t a cakewalk to select the most appropriate one.

Through this article, I am going to present 10 rooting Apps you can try on.

  • Gravity Box

This could be identified as one of the top-rated Apps, in 2020. This one would be the ideal creation for those who are seeking a chance to customize the whole device in their own way. Anyhow since this is just a donation package, to unlock the device in a fruitful manner, it requires having GravityBox Xposed Module.

  • Xposed Installer

You can get this buddy from google play store. No worries, it is freely available in the store. Through installing an internal binary to your device it allows you to makeover your notification bar. On the other hand, you will be able to grab customized themes for your device in an easy manner.

  • Xui Mod

If your main concern of rooting is customizing your interface, just try to grab Xui Mod. Having this will allow you to set customized colors for several battery percentages which would be a simple notification. In addition to that, I am pretty sure that you can have a great experience with its unique animation feature.

  • Set CPU

According to the name itself, this tool will change the CPU setting on your Android device.  SetCPU is compatible with numerous Android devices and ROMs, including the Nexus devices One series, Samsung Galaxy series. If you are seeking a way to squeeze more juice out of the battery, this will aid that squeezing process. Anyhow the outcome will differ according to your device. Yet it is worth trying. The best part is, this would act both as a battery saver and a performance booster.

  • Magisk Manager

This recently joined but powerful buddy will aid to root your device in an efficient manner. The main feature in Magisk is it’s  “systemless” root method. Which simply stimulates the idea that it doesn’t touch any of those system files. With its own modules, you can even have a superb experience

  • Root Browser.

This App has won its users’ heart in its own way. It aids the user to access the system menu without any interruption. The best part is you can use your files in a smooth manner which means you can take control over those files.

  • Viper4Android

This allows you to customize and modify many parts of the Android audio system, such as individual control over the device’s speaker, Bluetooth outputs, and handset audio performance. 

  • CrappaLinks

Have you feel the pain behind the process of link opening, when those are opening in browsers despite the app. You may not want to install an app from the browser interface of the play store. So if you want to fix that, use this app to open links to their apps.

  • Smart Booster

Although this one is less popular if you are a game addicted this would be the best option for you. It aids your device while rebooting due to heavy utility. Other features such as rapid cache cleaning, awesome file managing system also will support to boost the performance of your device.

  • SD FIX

This one usually addresses lollipop and Kit-Kat users who have got issues with SD cards.on the other hand it will provide user-friendly solutions for all your browsing issues. The problem with this app is the compatibility, as there is a limitation with some devices.

As mentioned, Rooting will allow you to discover the digital world without any barrier. But you should know which paths to take to gain the full benefit of Rooting. With these apps, you are empowered to do anything with your Android Device. 

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