Ban the Pokemon Go Gamers

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The popularity of Pokemon Go captured the crowd of gamers around the globe. The game application is easily installed in modern gadgets.  Most of these people are so addicted and can play anytime and anywhere. However, there are some issues or concerns that needed to consider. It is still debatable if what’s the real impact of its popularity. “Is banning would be the answer to stopping this?” Or let the popularity fades away for having the newest games available in the future.

Some hospitals banned the Pokemon Go gamers on the premises especially if the monster hub is situated here. The captured creatures can be trained in this hub. On the other hand, other hospitals allow the patients to play the Pokemon Go within the area of admission. It encourages patients to ambulate and improves their health conditions.

Some local people would agree with one goal. GPS is a useful tool in looking for a direction while playing the game on mobile phones. It seems too perfect in finding the location or know the areas. But then, the youngsters can be in danger. “What if they tried to find creatures to an unfamiliar place?” It also encourages them to stroll around the shopping malls and parents cannot control them because of its addiction to such mobile applications. Education can also be compromised because of it.

All age-group can play Pokemon Go and the fun has always lingered into their spine. However, safety should still be in top priority. A simple carelessness can result in death if bumped by a vehicle while looking for the monsters on the street. Drivers can cause a tragic accident for playing Pokemon Go while on the move. There are so many things that the people to be aware of. It is not always fun and enjoyment, but to protect oneself from danger too.

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    I don’t like online games and have heard bad things about pokeman.