Are you interested in Dating?

What is important to you?

Are you dating?

Relationships overall are complicated if you choose to live that way.

Many relationships work out and there are a few that do not pass the second date.

When you are in a relationship you feel like nothing will come between you two, but when you start to have little issues in your relationship you see the difference in yourself.

You gradually step away and want to be on your own again.

Has it ever occurred to you that a relationship is not only about you?

In a relationship, you have two people involved and this is not for fun. Some people date freely while others choose to be discreet.

Some guys and girls date in a group that is in certain cultures as some of the European cultures.

While other cultures date per couple it is interesting to know of how other cultures date in public places. 

Dating is not for everyone and relationships are the same.

Whether you are dating or do not want to date a relationship is hard work.

You need to work together on most aspects and to not offend your partner.

Consider the feelings of your partner and make the relationship worthwhile together.

Dating is a way of life unless you choose to be single and not take a relationship seriously on all levels.

It is unlikely that you would last in a relationship if you are selfish toward your partner.

 For example: 

If you buy a special gift of perfume and do not share it with your partner.

You tend to not share your time together instead spend time with friends and ignore your partner’s needs.

Rectify your needs and make time for each other.

Isn’t that what dating couples do when they are serious about each other?

Be secure in your relationship by trusting one another when not together.

In any relationship trust and communication are required to create that secure vision you want from your partner.

It is not all rosy and sweet in a relationship.

You need to make communication the key to having a strong foundation in your relationship.

Avoid the lies you plan to tell your partner this would ruin the relationship.

Be it white lies or big lies that are the same kind of lies that would create a bad instinct between you and your partner.

A relationship consists of truth, honesty, love, security, good communications, and trust to have something steady with your significant other.

Dating is fun if you make it that way and is positive if you choose it that way.

There is no perfect relationship. You need to work your hardest to keep that special person in your life.

What do you see good in a relationship to keep in a long term relationship?

Do you feel happy in a relationship?

Would you prefer to not date?

Relationships are less complicated if you focus on the most important issues that affect you.

It takes two to tango.

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