Are you a Good Writer?

What makes you think you are a good writer or a bad writer?

A  writer has many issues to deal with when writing an article, or a book that needs to be finished on a given deadline.

You can write as many articles as you wish,  but if you do not share quality over quantity writing is not for you.

  • Every writer feels overwhelmed to share their work online.
  • Writing is not everybody’s cuppa tea.
  • Write and share your experiences and be happy when you put pen to paper.
  • A grammar check is required.
  • Spelling errors needs a check.
  • A re-read is required at the end of a draft.
  • Think about your skills and if you are a perfect writer.

 What makes you a good writer?

  • There are writers from all parts of this world and you would think you are better than the other writer.
  • A good writer pays attention to what’s important to a reader.
  • You plan and organize writing time and keep a schedule.
  • Writer’s block affects writers when they do not know what to write about.
  • Write whatever makes you happy,  and write when you feel troubled.
  • Express what you write to feel good again.
  • You let out your frustrations in article writing,
  • English is not every writer’s native language and that does hold some writers back from writing what they want to and in how they should express their poetry.

Why do you write?

  • Write what you know about and what you have researched thoroughly before you publish it to an audience.
  • An audience builds up when you give an audience the best article.
  • An informed article and well-researched article is the way to go when it comes to sharing your work online.
  • A bad writer is sluggish and doesn’t bother to check their articles in grammars, spelling and text use.
  • Use  your own experiences in an article to allow for more readers.
  • Sometimes what you write about your readers can learn from that experience.
  • Share your experience and the readers  grasp your information and learn from your mistakes.

You never stop learning!

Writing is a pass time for some writers, a passion, to earn from or to share what hurts them.

A writer is  responsible  for their mistakes and needs to correct these mistakes once they are done with the article.

Writers earn an income or share what they have in mind to impress readers. 

Whatever a writer writes about;  it must be interesting, factual from experience, or written in a good story.

Poetry  requires a writer’s expression while other genres are different from that.

You could write on any topic you want to, but it has to be free of errors.

Readers find your articles  and read them if they find it worthy or to their interest.

Information published online must be of true nature.

A good writer never complains about criticism.

Bad writers want their work to be praised even if it is not finished up with proper details as it should have been.

In many articles you would find that writers are hasty in having their work published.

It takes time to write a good article from a good writer.

Bear in mind that writing is fun if you enjoy it and have a passion for writing.

You can do a lot in writing just to keep up the quality of work and original content is key to sharing your work with the public.

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