Anthill – The most organised government ever seen on Earth

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The White House Close To You

Maybe you have not come close enough to the White House. You have just espied it on television or in pictures yet there is a Whitehouse close to you. An anthill is one of the most organised government ever seen on Earth.

An anthill may look just like any other mound of Earth but what goes inside is amazing. Did you know an anthill is a result of dirt cleaned from an ant colony? The workers are busy cleaning and digging the colony abode for expansion and cleanliness.

We Dug Into One

There was one close by and we decided to dig from one. We met with very serious opposition. Some soldiers attacked us with their sharp and strong teeth. They could not allow us to move on. They were protecting their own. As we dug on, workers were busy trying to seal any route which led to the palace where the queen lived. Our determination was unequalled though. We realized the females were the workers of a colony and males fertilized the queen who was the mother of the colony.

Most ant species are social insects, living in large cooperative groups called colonies. Two or more generations may overlap in a colony. These ant colonies are divided into three castes — males, workers and queens — and each caste performs certain tasks. Ant species that have more than one queen in their nests are called polygyne. Colonies with only one egg-laying queen are known as monogyne.

We continued to dig and came up with a hard mound of shiny earth. When we opened inside we found the queen, some males, soldiers and workers.

We Finally Had Her

The overprotected, overfed and over cared queen was here with us. She was big and dwarfed all the other ants. She was swollen with fats and eggs. What a prize we had.

Finally What Were We To Do With The Queen?

The queen is a rare species of ants which cannot be found easily. The queen was often eaten by Kings. One who found the queen was rewarded abundantly.

The Queen Ant was also fed to bulls to make them more fertile. The semen produced by bulls which ate a queen were grade ones and could not ever miss fertility.

Ants were also used as a treatment for cancer. One who ate them became immune to cancer. So we decided to fry the ants and the queen and eat them. What a delicacy!!!

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  1. Devika Primic
    Devika Primic

    This is fascinating to see how the army does all the hard work and working as a team

    1. Meshack Keya
      Meshack Keya

      What Marvels me is how they communicate. It is as if they talk somehow