A Tree having sex with Bee!


Scientific name – *Ophrys apifera*
 this *Bee* is having sex.
So what is special or interesting about it?
It is special because This Bee is actually having sex with a flower !!
This poor Bee doesn’t know that it’s having sex with a flower.
Ophrys (also called Bee Orchid) is a flowering plant that transforms one of its petals in such a way that it bears resemblance to the female bee in size, colour and markings. These modified petals also smell like female bees, emitting enticing chemical signals.
This plant is so clever that  it lures male Bees with its enticing smell and Bee like appearance. When a male Bee approaches the flower to mate, it becomes covered in pollen while having false-sex (pseudocopulation) without knowing the truth and is sent off to pollinate the next orchid it visits. This whole process is done with sheer amount of planning and execution. Bee orchids can be termed as “Einstein” of plant world.
Over the period of time Bees became alert and they tried to do many other things to don’t get fooled by plant so they tried to change their own body parts, they thought they were successful but during further evolution too, if the female Bee becomes aware of what’s going on and makes some changes in herself to make it clear for the male Bee to differentiate between the plant’s trap and the real female Bee, the clever plant incorporates the same changes in itself too. Poor Bees!!
So bottom line is Ophrys apifera, is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Orchidaceae. It is expert in sexually-deceptive pollination and floral mimicry. It is known for highly-selective and highly evolved plant–pollinator relationship.
Try to have a Bee orchid in your garden.
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  1. Chaz Loisseu
    Chaz Loisseu

    “This poor Bee doesn’t know that it’s having sex with a flower.”

    That’s because she does not lol