7 Tips for a Safe Online Banking

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Cases of fraud through online banking are increasing day by day. With this in mind, you should always be alert while doing your transaction via the online banking platform of your bank. It is very much important for you not to use any unauthorized and fake mobile application you see or receive through tweets. It is because such mobile applications allow fraudsters to gain control of your device as well as access to your contacts, passwords and financial accounts.

What is more, some mobile applications may expose your personal information by tampering with your sensitive information. So, I am giving you some important information related to the use of the application. The tips, I share here are for the safety of all online users.

Here are the seven tips to be safe in your online banking:

  1. You should always download a verified app only.
  2. Before installing any application, check which company makes it and whether it is verified or not.
  3. Think twice when you allow any new application. Keep in mind that the permission sought by the application is important or not.
  4. Do not save debit or credit card details on any application.
  5. Update your smart phone on a regular basis.
  6. Always avoid free screensavers. It is because inbuilt risk may be hidden in such applications.
  7. Do not click on any suspicious links found in any forward message

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