5 Legit Ways To Make Money Online With No Investment While at Home

Do you know that at the comfort of your home and at your own will you could make $100-$150 in a day? By my calculations, that is roughly $3,750 in a month and $45,000 in a year? That is a lot of money.

Well, in this article I would give you (*) free, easy and scam free methods to do this. Just read it till the end.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

The best and one of the most popular ways to make money online is becoming an affiliate marketer. This is no big deal if you have your own blog or website or if you have a great social media influence. The concept behind this is that you get paid a commission for every click or for every customer that buys a product through your link. You can make a lot outs of this if you get it right. I advise you to market stuff like web hosting (Wix, Bluehost, Hostinger) or join the Amazon Associates program.

2. Paid Surveys

Did you know you could get paid for your own opinions? If you did not know, you can. There are tons of websites that pay you for your own opinions. You can gain around $0.5 to $3 per surveys taken. This is an explicit and risk free recurring stream of income. Sites like Swagbucks, Paid View Point,  Timebucks, InboxDollars and ySense(former ClickSense). On these sites you can also do tasks, click ads, watch videos and some other things to earn money on these sites. All countries are supported on all these sites except InboxDollars.

3. Write and Sell Content

If you’ve got some inner passion for writing or you are just a talented writer, then good news you can sell your content online. You can write for blogs, or websites, but some will or may require job experience. You could write fiction and non-fiction on these sites depending on what content they need. You could also sign up to sites like Upwork, iFreelancer, Fiverr and write content for websites and blogs. To get more out of this, you could advertise your profile on social media platforms.

4. Write an e-book

I know you think that this may cost a lot of money but with no cash you can get your content published to the entire world. Through the Kindle platform you can get your book published and ready for sale on Amazon. This is how it works. Once your book is published, you get 70% of every sell and Amazon a 30% commission.

5. Sell your services 

You can sell your services on freelance platforms such as Fiverr. If you have any special skills, you could sell them on Fiverr for some cash. Rates start at $5 and you can choose your working hours.


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