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Here you are, finally. Trying to figure out how to begin at Rewritee.  You’re not alone.

You have great ideas lined up. You’re excited to fill up those white pages and get on with your projects lined up.

So, how to begin writing if this is your first time after sign-up? And how to be good at writing and winning in your style as many days, weeks, and months of your writing journey as you see yourself in the world wide web?

  1. Objective

So, what’s your plan of action at Rewritee? Of course, to earn. That’s what we should make sense of, first.  One thousand views of leads to your blog post may look a little bit far-fetched. But hey, who doesn’t feel this way?

When you begin at sign-up, watch out for those creative muses coming like a stream of freshwater overflowing, full with bright ideas. Do you have that excitement with freelancing as a writer, editor, journalist? Even if you are just trying the waters–or you’ve been a veteran in this art of writing– you will face a deluge of ideas– so keen about where to begin.

If you get these churning in your stomach, you’re in for a good start. Your gut tells you, I’ll be fine. Write. Write. Write!

You start with research. Find those notes of yours that have been wanting attention. Sometimes, you scramble about your own scribbles and try to figure out how to decipher what you’ve written.  Follow up all your journals of studies you’ve done in the past.

After much research and study, you discover your writing skill a chutzpah moment of reality. So, write about what readers want to know or already know about. Write…

So, what’s with your content writing that you’ve seen so clear that has made sense to you and excited to write about?

Write it.

  1. Only One Question

Besides Rewritee, you’ve signed up with Upwork, Freelancer, FreelanceMom, Truelancer, Answeree and so forth. The projects are endless. But the competition is so pressed that somehow lands you with less in the end. But never give up. Some projects will always find you and follow you onward.

Ask yourself only one question. And then, your answer should nail it down to ‘Yes or no.’ For example, your inner voice wants to know about freelancing jobs. You could land on any one of them and skillfully do it.

We are in a time of covid locked down. The shut-off which is neither any fault of yours nor your employer’s. So, you now have the time to hone in your skills in writing, showcase your talent and earn for being creative and be the hot pick among freelance employers.

The question is: Can I do it? And you know exactly the answer to that.

  1. Trouble-Shooting

Now, the nitty-gritty of writing, the hard work, and the delivery of the work you do as a writer will need much troubleshooting.  It’s not that your writing is bad.  It’s called self-editing and revision.  Aim to improve your skill and be good at it. Oh, yes, don’t forget about enjoying what you do is the most important key in your freelancing.

First to troubleshoot is your confidence in the English language. Do get a creditable Thesaurus you can trust. Try Wordage.info and I assure you, you will love it and will be your own writer’s best friend.

Daily Writing Tips is a website you could bookmark and consult now and then. As many doctors do while you’re in the room consulting with them about your medical trouble. I ditched my doctors for googling what drugs to prescribe me during consultation. As a writer, you must know what you prescribe to you that help to cultivate your voice, your skills and your creativity. And yes, your grammar.

Read. Read. Read many books. Writers are readers. And readers are writers. This should be your motto, as well.


  1. Changes

I forgot to mention aim or objective about why you should make sense of Rewritee and with your writing. Here, at Rewritee, we are free to write how-tos and tips. To encourage change in the minds of our readers– to become better at something, or many talents. Rewritee thanks you  in advance for your effort.

That’s why readers come to Rewritee and see what we’ve got to offer here. Not lectures. Not sorry sob stories. Not cancelling them from whatever virtue they hold so dear. Not opinions. And not anything you do not want shoved down your throat.

These make sense, don’t they?

Readers come here for entertainment. For fun. Respect their intelligence. Help to  calm down our fears and apprehensions in these crazy days.

Last, write your content in ways that your readers will come away smiling, happy and will want to share your article a thousand more times.

Zeev David

Writing out-of-the-box posts is my business. I'm an avid reader, too.

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