3 Ways you can use YouTube 

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Videos can be a very helpful tool in attracting your prospects and viewers.  Even though it requires a lot of effort and takes time, it is a valuable tool to use to earn money online.

Here are three easy methods to achieve this. You may be stunned to know that even a few of your plain videos can bring you some income.

  1. Promote your website to increase product awareness:

The most widespread method you can use is to post your videos on YouTube with a link to your website.  Your videos on YouTube will then create attention in you, your role and the items you promote. This will create awareness about your brand. In turn, this will drive traffic to your website.  This is the way marketers used YouTube at first.

To use YouTube in this way, as a traffic producing tool, and promote your website, you have to create a series of lectures or tutorial videos.  You must try and build these videos look as best as possible with a good quality recording tool. It is because, these videos will be promoting your products to the users of YouTube.

  1. Become a partner on YouTube:

From the time when Google purchased YouTube, the website permits advertising.  You can put your videos on YouTube with an ad embedded in it. It allows you to get paid for clicks made on those ads.  This is just like AdSense.

However, you have to apply and have your website accepted before you can become a partner on YouTube. Once you get approval from YouTube, you have to post your videos and after that include it into the network of partners.  It is that easy to earn money on YouTube.

  1. Collecting email addresses:

Collecting email addresses of your prospects and viewers is one of the very important things you can carry out. 307

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