3 Ways to Protect yourself from Diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease due to which many types of diseases can occur in the body. If diabetes is not examined in the right time, then there may be problems related to the skin, eyes, heart, kidney, brain and nervous system. You should always remember that diabetes is a disease that has no cure. This means that prevention of disease is its cure. As per doctors, this disease can be avoided by following the right lifestyle and right food. 

It is because if this disease happens once, then it can become a burden for life. Diabetes patient can have many diseases like liver disease, heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke. These days, not only in India but around the world, diabetes patients are increasing constantly, due to the wrong diet and lifestyle. Let’s know its causes and prevention.

Causes of Diabetes:

– Sleeplessness

– Taking Unhealthy Diet

– Eating more sweet
– Not exercising
– Obesity
– Excess intake of fast foods or soft drinks
– Excess use of refined flour and refined oil.

Lack of water in the body can increase the level of sugar, and so, you can protect yourself from diabetes in this way.

1. Keep the body agile: Walk for at least thirty minutes daily to keep the body fit. Exercise with this. This will keep your body light and nimble. Not only diabetes, many types of diseases can be overcome by this. The body does not become sluggish by walking.

2. Don’t allow weight gain: Increased body weight increases the risk of diabetes disease. Therefore, it is essential to change your routine and you should do a workout. You may be lazy, but still you should drink at least ten glasses of water in a day.

3. Control your diet: Correct food is very important for a healthy body. With this, not only diabetes, but many diseases can be avoided. To keep yourself fit, you should avoid eating high calorie or sweet and fat items as these things promote diabetes. Apart from this, juices, cold drinks, soda available in the market also promote diabetes.

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