10 key life lessons to teach your children

Children are blessings, they bring joy and love to the family. Children do not only look up to parents for love, care and protection but also lessons that will take them through the different phases of life. As adults when we look back at those lessons our parents gave us, even though some seemed difficult and hard, we now realize that all was for love and to put us on the right path. Children always grow up with vivid memories of the role parents played in their lives, be careful not to leave that space void.

The first lesson of a child begins at home before he steps out to obtain a formal education from school. Catch them young, start right and start early to pass on vital life lessons to your children. It becomes difficult to put a child in shape after a certain age because by then he must have developed his personality. The foundation of a child’s progress begins at home, if he doesn’t have that foundation he may be susceptible to peer pressure and other influences.

Key lessons to teach your children.

Respect. This is an important lesson for children. Teach your child that respect is earned through honesty, love, dedication, tolerance and obedience. Be a reflection of respect to your children, because actions speaks louder than words. It won’t add up if you encourage your child to go the direction of A, while your life as a parent is pointing to a different direction. Let the respect your child has at home transcend to the bigger society. Teach your child that respect should be reciprocated and also respect your child’s rights as well. Children deserves love, care, the right education, and the right environment.

Dignity in labor. Teach your child that all jobs are important and should be regarded equal. Let them understand that it is better to work and earn a living than to steal. Let them realize that habits are transitional, from being serious with homework, assignments, classwork, this will carry on to their official work, when they grow up. Give your children little task, and observe how well they perform. Always correct a child with love, with time every lesson will sink into their consciousness. Let them understand that being a responsible citizens starts with carrying out simple duties diligently.

No harm in failing. Teach your child that in the process of learning we sometimes make mistakes, but it is more courageous to pick oneself up and learn from every mistake to avoid repetition.

Life has a meaning. Teach your children that in spite of the confusion that exist in the world, life still has a meaning and purpose. Let them know that life is a school, and some events occurs in person’s life for the purpose of teaching him a lesson and making him a better person. Teach him to be courageous in the midst of adversity, hardship and affliction and never to forget the lesson in love.

The value of time. Let your child understand that productivity is connected with time, and let him know that there is time for everything. A time to eat, read, sleep, play, work and time for school. Teach your child that one way of identifying a serious person is by punctuality.

The value of health and cleanliness. Teach your child the importance of health and the role it plays with achieving life’s goals and dream. Let them understand the dangers in certain habits and how it affects health.Teach your child that cleanliness is next to godliness. Teach them the importance of habits like hand washing, bathing, cleaning the house, and neatness.

Teach your child to be independent . Let your child know that someday he will live alone. Teach your child how to make the right choice and decision when you are not there. Remind him that the lessons you have given him will help at at some point in his life. Make your child your friend, find out his weaknesses and work on it together.

Family and bonding. Teach your child the value of family and bonding so he can also practice it when he has a family too. Make time for a family holiday, let him know family history. Let him know that when the world fails him, family will be the one waiting for him.

Planning. Teach your child on how to plan and organize his life starting by properly arranging his books, toys, room. Check on your child’s performance in school, help him out with assignments and classwork. Teach him to write, spell, talk and communicate.

Love and Appreciation. Teach your child the value of love and appreciation. Teach him to show gratitude in little or big things. Teach your child that there is more blessing in giving than in receiving. Teach him the value of true friendship.

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